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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek Part 3: Jojomoo

In Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek Part 1 I outlined my two aims for the week. Part 2 covered my trying out BM-spec on my main again and this post, Part 3, will be about my ickle Horde-hunter Jojomoo.

Jojomoo is a Tauren hunter and a member of the all-hunter Twitter-based guild Hunting High and Low on Draenor. The guild is being led by The Godmother of Alternative Chat and you can read more about it here.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 18

What is the most important bit of advice you could give to a new gold maker? (not a game newbie though, just a newbie gold maker)...

Well I don't really have a notebook full of tips for gold making so I'll keep it short with three simple tips....

1. Be patient! It will take you a while to work out what sells well on your server and what doesn't. Don't expect to hit the gold cap in a weeks time unless you're willing to put the time in and even then I'm not sure if it would be possible.

2. As you've already been playing the game you'll have some characters. They may not be max level but a few levels is better than nothing. Assuming you've chosen to level your professions as you're going you'll also have some valuable skills. It's just a case of working out what you can make/gather that's worth selling. Note: don't dismiss items just because they're low level - the beauty of WoW is that there's always someone leveling a prof!

3. Find a market that you enjoy. This is a bit of a weird one but I think it's pretty important. If you're going to spend all or some of your time in the AH browsing and listing items why not focus on something you enjoy - after all it's a game and meant to be fun!

And ofcourse - Good Luck!

Monday, 11 February 2013

20 Day of Gold Making: Day 17

Pets - Did you used to do the Vendor pet sales? How have pet battles changed things for you?

I very briefly dabbled in selling vendor pets on the AH. Before MoP hit I was busy collecting as many pets as I could ready for pet battles. This included flying around getting any vendor pets I'd missed.

I was missing the three moth pets from Sixx in The Exodar. These moths can be purchased for 50 silver each as the Yellow Moth Egg, White Moth Egg and Blue Moth Egg. I remember that I asked in guild chat if anyone wanted me to grab them one of each whilst there and one person said yes. So I bought myself one of each, my guildie one of each and a couple of each spare - to try out selling vendor pets. I sold them on the AH for around 15g each - which I was fairly happy with.

I went back to Exodar and ended up buying some more and re-sold them. I'm not sure how many of each I re-sold but I stopped when someone else also started selling them and under-cutting me - they were inevitable spending more time at the AH than I was.

Since MoP and pet battles I haven't tried to sell any vendor pets. I guess I was just experimenting with the market and it went well for me. Now there's a lot more people trying to sell vendor pets on the AH so I probably won't try it again until the markets less saturated.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 16

Flipping! Do you flip stuff regularly or sometimes? Big ticket items or smaller high volume stuff?

Until yesterday I had never heard of flipping (in this context) and had no idea what it meant. So I decided to leave answering this question until someone else had! Luckily for me Kaitz posted her answer to the question and helped me out - although she's not 100% on flipping either. But I'm going to go along with her definition anyway:
"Flipping is a very very new term to me, by what I understand, its buying up cheap items that are already on the auction and selling for a few gold/silver higher and you have successfully 'flipped' an item? Hope someone can clear that up for me."                 Kaitz
I have never flipped. I have bought items that I think are bargains/selling cheap to keep/use them but I don't think I've ever re-sold them. And if I have re-sold them it's been because I've built up a surplus of the item and am having a clear out / AH-binge. So I wouldn't really count that as flipping.

I think that it sounds like an interesting topic and potentially a good way of making gold. However, I don't think I follow the AH, what's selling, what's not etc well enough to be able to safely do this! It's like investment - I don't have the knowledge to do it without risking everything. Plus, talking big items - I'm not sure if I have a big enough stash of gold to buy a bargain that may not sell for 6 months essentially tieing up all of my gold. Maybe one day...

Monday, 4 February 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 14

How much of your playtime is devoted to gold making? Do you raid/pvp/pet battle too or is the AH your main playtime?

On average, very little of my in-game time is spent making gold.

I do, however, go through phases. From time to time I find myself flying around simply mining or picking herbs for no use other than to sell. Usually, this type of gold making activity happens when I'm bored of doing what I should be doing and am looking for an easy distraction. I guess you could say the same applie to fishing - I do it as a bit of a side thing but at the same point I tend to use what I catch for cooking more often than I sell it.

I recently posted about my daily ritual of things I do when I log in. Once I've completed my AH-checks and dailies I spend my time doing whatever. Most of my in-game time is me bumbling about really. I do pet battle everyday - even if it's just the dailies to get the Sack of Pet Supplies.

More recently with the addition of the Raiding with Leashes achievement I have been raiding - even if it's seriously out of date! Whilst I have enjoyed going back and doing these old raids, that I wouldn't otherwise have seen, it hasn't inspired me to raid properly.

I guess the fact that I spend very little time working the AH and only sporadically farm items for sale is one of the reasons I'm only an apprentice gold maker who's no-where near the gold cap!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 13

This has happened to me a few times - I've mounted but
not transformed into the drake and end up floating!
What was your biggest 'Yay!' moment?

I've already mentioned this moment several times throughout the 20 Days of Gold Making but nevermind.

The first time I saw the Sandstone Drake (from the Vial of the Sands) I knew I had to have one for myself. I loved how it looked - especially the spikey/jagged yellow gem-like bits. At this point I didn't even realise that you turned into the drake and that someone could ride on you. So, I asked the boyfriend and he explained this to me and that the drake comes from a combination of alchemy and archaeology - at the time my alchemist was no where near high enough and had no archaeology skill. I had no choice but to start saving for the mount and acquiring it soon became an in-game goal of mine.

I did acquire the Sandstone Drake and this is the real yay! moment. I spoke about achieveing my goal in my Day 8 post but I'll recall it again here. The boyfriend was browsing the AH and saw two Vial of the Sands for around 17k gold. I can't remember the exact amount but it was a real bargain! I quickly logged my banking-alt to find I only had 15k. By this point my boyf had got his Vial of the Sands and very kindly gave me the extra gold to buy mine. I was so happy when I got it and continue to use it just as a single-person flying mount today.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 12

What was your biggest 'oops' moment?

Hmm... I know I have definately made some silly mistakes but remembering what they were isn't proving easy! In fact I'm struggling to think of anything - even small things.

So, I've been thinking about my answer overnight and still nothing major has sprung to mind. Instead I'm going to talk about some other silly things that I've done.

I have frequently, and will no doubt continue to, buy items that I already have / can get for free without realising. This sounds really dumb, I know, and it mostly happens when I'm in a rush and not thinking things through fully. Whilst this isn't directly related to making gold it certainly is a waste of the gold.

For example, I purchased all of my hunters glyphs and atleast half of my mage's from the AH. At the time I didn't have an inscriptor and believed my only option was to purchase my glyphs. Little did I know that my guild had a guild vault tab full of them - including the ones I'd purchased! I now know to check the bank first!

I previously mentioned that I'm a bit of a hoarder. My personal guild bank is full of items waiting to one day be used. I am in no doubt that one day I will need and use these items but not when this day will be. As a result I'm sat on a lot of gold, just waiting. Not all of the stuff I hoard is worth a lot - some of it just 1 or 2gold a stack. But if I were to sell the lot (or even vendor it) I'm sure I'd make a fair bit. I just can't bear the thought of selling it, then needing it and having to acquire it again. So, maybe my hoarding is a bit of an 'oops' moment and I should just sell the lot for gold. However, I don't think that will be happening anytime soon.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 7

If you were starting over again (maybe on a new server perhaps), how would you start building some capital & what goal would you set yourself?

Whilst I play Alliance 95% of the time, I do have a dark-side and play Horde-side for a change. I would play more Horde-side if my Tauren, Moochew, was on a different server. I want to find a new server for my Horde-characters and I spoke in more depth about this in an earlier post.

For the purporse of this post I will assume I've found a new server and have re-created Moochew (and some other alts) there. So, how would I start making some money?

I'd like to say something like - 'I'd watch the auction house for a few weeks and work out what sells well on this new server and go from there' but that would be lying. I would certainly keep an occasional eye on the AH but I wouldn't do this in any more depth than a quick browse when I'm near one.
"I wonder what sells well here?"
I would definately take a gathering profession on Moochew (or whichever character I leveled first). This would probably be herbalism and then I would take inscription as my second - as everyone needs glyph's. I think I would also condsider having a tailor as people always need bags - including myself. Another profession that I find makes money is engineering (via selling pets/mounts) so I would probably consider a miner/engineer combo aswell - depending on how many characters I take on leveling.

As I mentioned in a previous 20 Days of Gold Making post (Day 2) I've never had a money-based goal. If I were to start again on a new server I think I would try having a goal. However, I wouldn't be too strict about it and would probably be more focused on leveling.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 5

Do you keep the same banker alt or do you change them up occasionally? Why?

When it comes to banker alts I've been very loyal to Bankingbob and have used him from the start.

I guess it's fair to say that I have considered what will happen when I run out of character slots on my main server. I know the chances of me ever leveling Bob is slim because he's a priest and after my first experience of a priest I don't think I'll ever go back. This means that if/when the time comes Bob will be going and one of my alts will take over as my banker. But if I ever need to undergo this drastic overhaul is another matter.

This question and in particular Nevs answer has got me thinking about how you get to know sellers on your server. There's a number of banking alts that I know and recognise sat in Stormwind on a daily basis. One in particular stands out and he (assuming the player is male like the character) doesn't have an amazing reputation. In fact I know people who will willingly pay more for an item off of the AH than buy his stuff. I'm honestly not sure why his reputation is so bad but I suspect it's partially due to him over-charging and constantly spamming in trade. Fortunately, my banking alt seems to have atleast a neutral (if not better) reputation.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 4

Do you use a banker alt/guild? When did you start doing that & why?I started off storing items in my mains bank but soon it was full of random items. Some of these items were recipes/schematics/plans that I didn't want to get rid of thinking tht one day an alt could use them. The majority of it was materials (i.e. cloth) that again I didn't want to get rid of knowing that one day I would have an alt that was a tailor etc. Naturally, I am a hoarder and am reluctantly to bin most things and it seems this habit followed me to the vitual world.
In addition, I was getting fed up of hearthing back to city's just to access my bank or to use the AH to sell or buy some stuff. As a result I was generally using an alt to sit in Stormwind and wait for post to sell/auction. This worked fine until I wanted to play on said alt and moved them out of the city into the world.
As a result I made Bankingbob and my own private guild 'Bank of Jo' at the end of April 2012. I clearly wasn't feeling particularly creative with my naming when I did all this but oh well. Bob is my only male character and has a few times been misread as 'Bankingboob' which is quite amusing.
Bob's brilliant. He lives in the Dwarven District of Stormwind somewhere in between the bank and AH. He ferrys items between the two and the mail boxes located outside of each. It's so much easier to log over to him to purchase something or to send him some items to be sold or kept in the vault.
As mentioned above I'm a self-confessed hoarder and having my own guild vault has only served to increase the problem. I have 5 tabs for: mining related, cloth related, herb related, food & gems (odds go wherever theres room). If left unchecked I often end up spilling items over to other tabs which then messes up the system and is a pain. I now have regular clearouts and keep as little crap as possible.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 3

What were the first techniques/tricks/tips you used when starting out?
So if you've read Nev's answer to this question you may have already read part of my answer.
My first real way of making gold was vendoring everything! It's amazing how grey trash items soon mount up and of course as you progress up through the levels the amount of gold you make from this increases. In part this technique requires you to loot everything possible - something that I do. I think it's good practice to loot everything as you never know what gem you might find hidden away in a pile of corpses.
However some exceptions - in the form of items that should be auctioned (if possible) as opposed to vendored. For example any cloth that you pick up and don't need. I've only recently started tailoring and have made a lot of gold from selling various cloth on the AH. Personally, I store cloth in my guild bank until it's selling reasonably well but at the end of the day anything is profit.
This brings me on to professions and specifically gathering profs. Now all profs have a means of making you money but I find the gathering profs to be the best. The individual items may not make a lot (compared with items crafted using other profs) but you will almost definately sell more. I'm sure nearly every alchemist has bought a couple of herbs, miners some ore to smelt and so on. Plus it's worth noting that whilst most professions work hand-in-hand with a gathering one (i.e. leatherworking & skinning) it doesn't mean that everyone chooses to do their own gathering and may instead buys materials.
The above three hints/tips were what I started off using and still do! They're simple and effective - what more can you want?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Second-Hand Pet Prices

When Pet Battles first went live I was curious how this would impact upon the prices of pets on the auction house. I noticed that there seemed to be a 'second-hand pet prices'. So, what exactly do I mean by this???

Just to recap a few points regardign battle pets. All wild pets can be captured via pet battles. These wild caught pets can not be caged and sold/swapped etc. However, pets that have been purchased from vendors, given as quest rewards etc can be.

On the auction house, pets for sale are now listed under two categories. The first is listed under 'Miscellaneous - Companion Pets' (see pic, blue highlight). Pets listed under here are new and unused. The second set of listings are under 'Battle Pets' (see pic, red circle) and these pets are those that have been used and later caged for resale. Quite simply, these are second-hand pets.

Earlier today, whilst browsing the AH, I noticed some good examples of what I mean by 'second-hand pet prices' and these finds have inspired this blog.