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Tuesday 11 March 2014

WoD's It Worth?

The Warlords of Draenor pre-order is now available! I was very excited yesterday afternoon when I found out and when I got home I wasted no time loading my battlenet launcher. The store was a little wabbly but it finally loaded...

So there I was really excited about the deluxe collectors edition and the Reins of the Dread Raven mount and Dread Hatchling pet and then I saw the price and it was well a bit of an anti-climax to be honest. I was thinking more along the lines of £30 and £40 for the standard and deluxe/collectors editions respectively. Whilst the standard version is only £5 more than my expectation the deluxe version is a whopping £10 more... aka a months subscription.

This got me thinking about value for money. I'm not a penny pincher, well I am, but when it comes to gaming and in particular WoW I'm not afraid to flash-the-cash - after all I have several store bought pets and mounts!

The digital deluxe (aka collectors) edition will net you the mount and pet aforementioned, some StarCraft 2 portraits and a Diablo 3 Warsong Pennant - neither game I own or play. Meaning, for me personally it's all about the mount and pet which I am rather fond of...

And of course not forgetting the level 90 boost! Each game, standard or deluxe, comes with a single boost to 90. This service can also be purchased independently from the store for £40. I know there was a lot of comments on the leaked $60 pricing but I think £40s about right. The service has to be both affordable but pricey and when you consider that the other services vary from £12 - £20.

What's my logic behind £40 being reasonable? Well it's safe to say that there are people out there that would go to great lengths for a level 90 boost if it weren't available as a service or if there was a cheaper way around.

Imagine this - you buy a second account, you might even have one, so we'll just say you're upgrading to WoD standard at @£35. Boom a level 90. But you don't want to be running 2 accounts (i.e. 2 subscriptions) so you want to transfer your new 90 to your main account and already you've spent over £40. Hence I don't think it's that bad a price for the boost.

Having thought about the boost to 90 price in this way has made me think differently about the standard and deluxe game prices (£35 and £50 respectively). In reality, most if not all of the standard game cost is the level 90 boost meaning that the extra £15 for the deluxe version is the mount & pet - not bad really.

I was also curious how the pricing held up against other new Blizzard expansions such as Diable 3's Reaper of Souls and it's fairly similar.

All in all I have essentially come-round to the pricing and well essentially talked myself into purchasing WoD. At the end of the day - who was I kidding - of course I was going to buy it eventually!!!

Right now the only reason I haven't already pre-purchased is, well, convincing myself that buying it now is better than later but I'm sure that won't take much effort and the more I see that mount & pet...

Oh and where's my Beta!?! Surely it's got to be soon.


  1. I'm not buying mine until I decide what I want to spend my boost on. Not sure about the value, like you I want the pet/mount but have no interest in Diablo even though I have a copy and have never played Starcraft.

    1. I'm still undecided on how to use the 90 boost too. Will defo be doing some thinking this weekend, may even blog about it. I kinda wish I had the other games to benefit from the goodies but it'd be an even bigger money sink!!

  2. I am a bad person, I just want the pet and I spend silly money all the time!

    1. Oh I don't think that makes you a bad person! After all you have the money to spend :) I'm just being tight!!

  3. I had no issue with the price of the expansion...until the no flying in Draenor *ever* discussion started to pop up. Now, I"m holding off on my preorder until I hear more. Screenshots, on land, in air, in weird places, are a huge chunk of the game to me... It was why I was so delighted for the new character models. Better screenshots! Draenor's beautiful scenery? Even better! But, limiting my ability to really explore and take those shots everywhere? I'll wait on the expansion until I know more. I want to try WOD, but I don't know if I want to give them extra money for a deluxe version (and get a beautiful flying mount) to find out its true and that we'll never being flying in the beauty that is Draeor? And gah, this coming from a gal who has all the store flying mounts. -sigh-

    1. Yeah the no flying thing has got me thinking along the same lines really. Whats the point in having the awesome mount if you can't fly it in it's 'home' continent!?! I don't mind not being able to fly until you're max level and well I liked it in MoP (it didnt affect my questing or anything) but I think at max level you should be able to. - Not least for the different angles etc. One thing I really noticed about Pandaria was all the little hidden away places you could only get to at 90 as you needed to fly - it was just very cool!