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Friday 26 October 2012

My Story So Far...

Welcome to my first blog! For my first blog I thought I'd summarise my story so far. What I've done to date and what I enjoy doing when in Azeroth.

I started playing World of Warcraft in February 2012, but had some previous experience with the game having occassionally messed around on the boyfs account. My main characters (by that I mean my alliance ones) are on the EU-server Dragonblight. I am a member of a social-raiding guild. I don't raid but I do enjoy the social nature of the guild.

So, my characters... I started off with a Draenei hunter, which I focused on until she reached level 85 (note: all of my characters are female - I find it a little weird that some people consider playing characters of a different gender to their own). My second character to reach 85 was my Gnome death knight. I found moving from playing ranged to melee initially weird but once I'd gotten used to it (particularly the need to follow the tank closely rather than hanging back a little) I started to really enjoy it. Aside from my two level 85's I have a range of other characters spread throughout the levels. Whilst the majority are alliance I also have a few hordies. I have found that a few seperate issues make leveling these characters fall last in my list of to-do's. The main issue is the majority of people in my guild have max-level characters and very few take the time to level alts. As a result I find that I spend most of my in-game-time on my own high-level characters. Leveling my horde characters again takes a back seat for this reason and because I am yet to commit any length of time to playing them so they often sit ignored for weeks at a time before I go back to find I've forgotten what I'm doing or how to play them. The final reason is the advent of Pet Battles. Its safe to say that Pet Battles have consumed a large part of my in-game time since they went live last month.

So much so, that Pet Battles deserve a paragraph of their own! Financially I was in no place to buy Mists of Pandaria when it released and had prepared myself for being online doing something (maybe even leveling a low-level char) whilst the rest of my guild entered Pandaria. To my delight, pet battling was available to everyone and so my obsession began. At present I have completed a number of the Pet Battle achievements and collected masses of pets. Nonetheless, theres still more for me to do and I'm almost certain that pet battling will keep me occupied and happy until I am able to buy MoP.

Aside from leveling and pet battling I spend my time wandering around Azeroth often admiring the scenery and fishing. I find fishing quite relaxing and peaceful - plus its not a bad money maker. I also spend a fair amount of time cooking and leveling other professions.

All-in-all that summarises my WoW story so far. Shortly I will be posting about what I hope this blog will achieve and its purpose(s). Thanks for reading!


  1. hey Jojo :) welcome to the blogosphere & thanks for visiting my other blog. I see you like pet battles - have you seen the widget I use? Here's the link if you want to have a play with it too :) http://www.thegrownupgamer.com/p/wbpt.html

    1. Hey & thanks. Yeah I did notice it. Ta for the link, I've just added it on here :) very handy for displaying your pet battle team

  2. Hey there Jojo and welcome to the WoW blogging community! :) Also thank you for visiting my Adventures, I'll make sure to pop around here every now and then. :)