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Sunday 28 October 2012

Blog Purpose / Aims

I've decided to outline the purpose and aims of this blog early on. I'm hoping that doing this will give you (the reader) some idea about what I'll be posting in the future as well as creating a uniform style for ease of use.

For a while I have been considering writing a blog and I finally decided to do so last week. I am currently looking for a job and have a lot of spare time. Hopefully this blog will occupy some of that spare time and give me something a little bit different to do.

In terms of gaming and WoW I hope that this blog will allow me to chronicle what I've been up to. I guess this secondary purpose also includes some aspects of informative writing. I hope that my ramblings will also be of use and benefit to the reader. Whilst I do not intend to provide step-by-step guides of what I have done to achieve things, I do intend to give some idea of the guides I used (by reference) and additional tips / ideas of my own.

I will attempt to write in a uniform style and to use labels to help file my blogs into categories. I intend for this blog to remain a blog with continual addition and movement and not to be 'static' like a website. Hopefully, the use of labels will add to this enabling past blogs relating to certain topics to be found easily - whilst not losing the blog characteristics.

The content I will write about will no doubt vary greatly between blogs. Some vague ideas of what I hope to cover include general leveling, social/guild matters, professions etc.
Thanks for reading.

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