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Sunday 8 December 2013

Tabard of the Hand Transmog!

Samaramon has set a transmog challenge to create a 'mog to go with the Tabard of the Hand. This particular tabard is a reward for The Unwritten Prophecy quest and for some reason I don't seem to have it despite completeing the Draenei starting area quests. Anyway, I wasn't going to be defeated and as I've been playing and leveling my druid a lot decided to create a leather 'mog.

Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Abhorrence
Cloak: Shroud of the Citadel
Chest: Skystalkers Tunic
Hands: Rattling glvoes
Waist: replica wildheart belt
Legs: raptorhide legguards
Feet: vindicators leather boots
Staff: dying light

I think my least favourite part of this 'mog is the shoulders. Whilst they match the detail on the trousers I'm not sure they fit in with the rest of the 'mog. Having said that there was nothing else that I liked so I made do with them.

I don't normally have helms on display as I quite like to see my characters hair and it really bugs me when ears / horns are sticking out at weird parts. But I decided to have a look at some possible matchy druidy helms and found three that I rather liked. I guess my favourite is the first one as it doesn't hide too mcuh of the face / hair.

Helm 1: unwavering stare
Helm 2: replica feralheart cowl
Helm 3: vengeful gladiators dragonhide helm

This contest has re-kindled my liking of transmog and inspired me to pick up Batinna's dressUp! where I inadvertently left it back in October!!


  1. I've always loved that first helm. It would have been perfect for my stargazer outfit. Great job on the set. I like how the bright colour from the staff ties in with the rest of the pieces.

    1. Thanks :) I found the staff and simply knew I had to use it - I love it so much that I will be going hunting for it!!

  2. That first helm is on my wish list too, although I still feel it should have been a Priest hat not a leather one. I like how the detailing on the boots ties in with the staff as well as with the blue of the tabard.

    1. I was quite surprised when it appeared under leather helms - I agree that its very priest-y. I was actually really quite chuffed with how well the boots matched the staff & tabard :)

  3. I like the set with helm number 3 :P
    And you only get the tabard if you complete all the Draenei quests as a Draenei :)

    1. I think the third helm is my favourite for a druid - I love the bird helms for druids. Just seems to work. Hmm ok I'll have to investigate as Im sure my main should have it then - I expect Im only missing a couple of quests.