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Sunday 20 April 2014

The Liebster Awards: Part 2

1. What is your favourite zone in WoW?

Hmm pre-Pandaria I'd probably have said Stranglethorn (north & south) or maybe Grizzly Hills but I think Krasarang Wilds is my current love. Despite all the Mogu it's a rather tranquil place and perfect for fishing - one of my in-game loves.

2. What is you idea of a perfect day?

I think my perfect day would be a mixture of being out & about, playing computer games and sat schnuggled up with my zebra blanket. Most evenings I actually sit playing WoW wrapped up in my blanket or in my Jedi Robes. I'd go for a stroll in town (assuming it was sunny), I love window shoopping for pets and then home for gaming. To top  it off I'd either have take away or some other home cooked yummy food (i.e. Chinese, pizza, curry...).

3. If you could be any npc, who would it be and why?

Well the obviously choice would be Jojo the Pandaren that sells cooking supplies in the Shrine! 
Alternatively someone like Nat Pagle who just chills out all day by the sea fishing.

Jojo & Jojo

4. Aside from food, water, and shelter, what one thing could you not go a day without?

Other people. I'm a sociable person and I get lonely quite easily - unless I can distract myself playing games etc. So if I had nothing but food, water and shelter I'd probably go crazy pretty quick. I also, unsurprisingly, suffer from cabin fever!

5. Why do you blog?

I started blogging after I finished my masters as something to fill my time whilst I was looking for a job. When I got a job I never stopped blogging although admittedly my blogging has gotten less frequent. I suppose it's fair to say I still blog as I enjoy it. It gives me a media to ramble about my virtual life and I've met some amazing people as a result of it! I hope that by continuing to blog I'll more awesome people too.

6. What would you tell a brand new wow player about the game?

If it's grey vendor it but other things you should try to sell (auction) - atleast test the water - you could make a lot of money.
And the internet turns even the nicest people into jerks - ignore them and move on... but never give up!

7. If you could pick any theme for the next expansion what would it be?

I don't know a lot of lore if I'm honest so I wouldn't pick anything lore based like this Emerald something that lots of people chat about. And WoD fits with my desire to have more Draenei lore going on. Which leaves me with nothing springing to mind if I'm honest.

8. What is your favourite mount?

I think I did a post about my favourite mounts not too long ago. Since that post I've actually gained a few new mounts too. But, if I had to pick one mount *grumbles* I'd probably go with... the Swift Zhevra which I don't and probably never will own.

9. What cheers you up?

Food, cider, schnuggles, gaming...
10. Glass half full or half empty?

Half full! I like to be positive as much as possible.

11. What your favourite thing to do in wow?

I don't think I could name just one so I'll list a few of the things I enjoy - leveling, pet battles, the so called 'boring' things (i.e. fishing, archaeology and farming ores, herbs etc.) and my most recent love has to be flex raiding. Never thought I'd enjoy flexing as much as I do - the people are definitely a contributing factor! [Same goes for Friday Fun Runs - we could be doing anything, it's the people that make it].


  1. I wish I was high enough level to go to your fun runs :D Maybe if I put EFFORT into levelling a toon on EU... gosh but I am bad enough trying to get one on my own side...

    1. We'd love to take you :) I'm sure we'd even do something like Molten Core so you didn't have to level loads. Although Syrco has a point...

  2. You should totally level a character on EU, Navi!!!! :D Or can you use the free character boost?

    So fun to read your answers, Jojo! :D It's always interesting to learn more about other bloggers.

    Btw! I want to join the fun runs but I have to level an Alliance character first, cause you're only doing fun runs on that side? My highest Alliance character is a level 85 mage on Ravencrest.

    1. Thanks & I totally agree. I'm rather nosey so I love reading about other people!
      Oooh awesome! Yeah we only run Alliance (currently) it's Fridays 2030 Server Time. Most of the time we do older content so level 85 would be fine. I'll hook you up with the main peeps on Twitter :)