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Sunday 18 May 2014


Apologies for being absent again this week! Those of you that have me on battle tag might have noticed that I haven't logged in since last weekend, or possibly Monday. For once this hasn't been work related but is real-life. We are moving in a couple of weeks and decided to start early with the sorting and packing side of things. I'm bored already but I've managed to sort through and bin most of my old uni stuff.

In more exciting news it was my birthday yesterday. Ding ding, level 24! You may have seen on Twitter that I posted about some of the presents I got but if not here are the highlights:

One of my friends is currently in Australia on a working visa so she sent me some presents from Broome where she currently is. I think it's safe to say that the main present is the 'Genuine Kangaroo Scrotum' bag and that the salty croc toy and the stubby holder / can cooler thing were to soften the blow! As a group of friends we tend to give either jokey presents or hideous items found in a charity shop. I think that the scrotum has to be one of the oddest gifts ever and I'm not sure I'll treasure it forever... or at all.

The boyfriend got me Lurky the plush Murloc from the Blizzard store. He had to order it all the way from the US as the EU store still isn't selling physical items. I knew that I was getting something from Blizzard as he'd got himself a Diablo 3 lanyard. It's safe to say that I love my little Murloc and I will be treasuring him forever! He also got me some Star Wars lego and a third item that's still in the post somewhere.

Finally I thought I'd share my Hugo Hedgehog cake with you - available from all good Sainsburys! He tastes lush and is very cute... whilst he's still here.

Last year I had a proper little in-game party and held a transmog competition but this year it really seemed to creep up on me and I didn't really have much time to plan anything sadly. But I have some idea's for future shindigs and I'm determined to have a Dwarf pub-crawl at some point so keep your eyes open!


  1. Happy Birthday! That cake looks delicious and adorable.

  2. P.S. Boo! Trying to catch up on life, or virtual life, as it were. Belated birthday wishes. :p

  3. Wow, those are some awesome and funny presents! Love the cake also :P Hope you had a great birthday! :D