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Thursday 1 May 2014

Sunday Flexing Takes on SoO Part 3

Sunday just gone we returned to our usual Sunday flex schedule after having a week of Easter weekend. I'd decided we'd try our luck with Part 3 again but that we'd try Malkorok maybe three times and if there was no hope go back to an earlier part.

We had a fairly well represented group and were missing a tank only. Luckily we managed to find one via trade who turned out to be someone that had joined us on a previous run do so was familiar with our laid-back, casual approach = massive plus!

The first attempt at killing Malkorok went really well despite the wiping. We soaked the purple pools, maybe missing one or two, avoided the nasty smashes and grouped up at the right time. The issue was that we didn't spread good enough after we stacked up. We went back in there and kicked some serious butt - again everyone spread, soaked and stacked as necessary followed by a perfect rinse & repeat spread, soak and stack.

I think we were all a little dumbfounded that we downed Malkorok! I'm not sure how many people had read the rest of Part 3's tactics but I'll admit that I hadn't exactly planned out the next two bosses myself.

I left Queks to split the group up into two for the Spoils of Pandaria as I wasn't 100% sure myself and as a raider figured he'd do it best. We were really close on our first attempt and were literally a hair's breadth from clearing both the first rooms before the enrage timer thingy. Second time was much smoother although one side was opening the crates a little too slow for comfort so we had to send a couple over. But all in all, for a boss we'd not encountered on a Sunday flex I think downing it second time's bloody good going.

Next up - Thok the Bloodthirsty. Thok proved to be quite tricky and it took a fair few attempt and a number of raid member changes before we got him. Initially we had a couple issues with people running through everyone when Thok fixated on them and generally people being unaware that they were stood in the fixated persons path and thus being insta-killed. But we got over that fairly quickly.

I'm not sure what I had expected to happen but it certainly wasn't that we'd clear Part 3! But it was a lovely surprise clear and I think everyone was happy with our progress. Unfortunately I failed to take any screenshots (you could say I was in shock) but we'll be heading back to Part 3 this Sunday so I'll be sure to get some :)

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