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Monday 20 January 2014

Pets Make Prizes!

Last week Mr and Mrs WoW announced a competition to celebrate their 1 year blogiversary and I couldn't help but enter. It was a type of scavenger hunt with four clues to locations in Azeroth with the task being to work out the location and take a screenshot. Along my journey I took a number of screenshots at each location before deciding which four to enter. I've decided to share them all here, along with the lovely poetic clues.

To start us off, here’s clue number one,
A place where we both have lots of fun!
Nothrend is the zone where you will find,
The place which we have in our minds.
Our first date overlooked a stream,
Surrounded by nature and all things green…
On top of a hill and away from the bustle,
We had a picnic… and a cuddle!
We’ve heard a rumour, last but not least,
That the spirit bear, a magnificent beast,
Is seen in this area, below the hill
Where we were there eating our fill.
Go! Take a screenshot of our special place,
Then sent it to us and enter the race!

For me I think the giveaway here was the 'spirit bear' bit. I think I'd camped for Arcturis once or twice so I knew I was destined for the Grizzly Hills. A quick check of Wowhead and I knew I was destined for Amberpine Lodge - a lovely spot indeed.

The spawn spot...
Welcome back to our little competition,
Here’s the second clue, for your epic mission.
To continue the theme of love (and all that),
This next place is lovely to look at!
Our engagement happened on holiday,
At the end of the summer, far far away.
I said yes at the bottom of a waterfall,
Where the scenery and atmosphere was so beautiful.
This waterfall is near the forest ‘heart’,
A beautiful place from which we don’t like to depart,
Where stags and striders roam all around,
And luckily, no hozen to be found!
So, off you go to this beautiful place,
And take your screenshot to continue the race!

This one was a little more tricksy as my initial thought was Rivers Heart, Sholazar Basin... then I read the word Hozen and Serpets Heart, Jade Forest hit me.

This next place is in a zone of all doom and gloom,
Where infested wildlife take over the blooms.
The Scourge in the East is where it’s at,
Where we said our marriage vows, and Mum wore a big hat.
Our wedding was really quite traditional,
With a dress, the vows and of course, a chapel.
Only small, of course, but full of light,
We had a cracking day, a real delight.
So there’s the third of our clues,We hope it was clear enough for you!

Lights Hope Chapel is a truely wonderful place hidden in the depths of the Eastern Plaguelands. I also had some real fun taking photos for this clue! I decided it was about time Oogie got out her best frock (aka Elegant Dress and Spring Flowers). Charles, the pug, even wore his Dapper Gentlemans outift.

Welcome back to the very last clue,
It’s the last one, but don’t be blue!
For this you must go on an adventure,
It is into a raid that you must venture.
You all know that we like to take,
Our clothes off, around our mates.
Yes, it sounds naughty, but it’s lots of fun!
Getting naked and going on the run.
You must travel to the place which is full of fire,
Where we fought in just our underwear…
Alongside a group of very special tweeps,
With whose company we love to keep.
So are you brave enough to journey there?
To take a pic with artistic flair?

Friday bought the final clue and what a brilliant one it was! Having partaken in the naked raid it was awesome to have an excuse to re-visit it. I ran Molten Core with a guildie and then got naked to kill Raggy.
(Josh didn't even bat an eyelid when I said I needed to get naked for Raggy... what he must think of me!).

Anyhow, I was delighted when I got a whisper in-game yesterday asking if I'd seen the tweet re: the competition results. It turns out I won!!! Woooo - I was super happy as I not only had a great time taking part but was now the proud owner of Lumpy - whom I didn't have. So massive thanks to Mr & Mrs WoW :D

I'd also like to give a shout out to Soco (of Vault of Light) for giving me a Snowy Panda.


  1. We're glad you enjoyed the competition - thanks for taking part! :D

    1. I had super fun! I'm expecting more in the future :D

  2. Hey congrats on the win and your shots are all great. I love the extra effort with the outfits or lack thereof :P

    1. Thanks :) it was like virtual fancy dress!