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Monday 6 January 2014


Last week I posted my WoW-related New Year resolutions - one of which was to get the Legendary Cloak on my hunter and to do this I needed to complete the evil PvP quest The Lions Roar. As I'm not a fan of PvP and have very little, if any, knowledge of what exactly each battleground entails I wasn't looking forward to this quest.

With this new inspiration to go and kick some Horde ass I decided to make a stab at it and Thursday evening I stuck myself in the queue for both the Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines.

Temple popped first. I vaguely recognise this place and reckon I'd been there a couple of times in my inital attempts at this quest (that's before I gave up). I was fortunate enough to have what I can only asume was a genuine PvP fan who proceeded to split the team into groups giving each a colour to defend / attack etc. I was designated green along with a few others. I have no idea how but we managed to possess the orbs the majority of the time and the battleground run like a well oiled machine and we won.

Next up I queued solely for the Mines. Getting in wasn't a problem but winning proved to be a huge issue! I found that I was almost exclusively with PvP noobs, like myself, which I didn't think would be a problem. Except, as soon as the Horde were winning by a couple hundred points people starting giving up. In on particular instance we were ~150 points behind and fairly early on and people just sat in the Alliance spawning area - defeated. I'm not one to give up without a fight so I kept on going - even if it was just for the Honor Points. At one stage a guildie healer came with me and things were looking up. I then called it a night and resumed on Friday afternoon.

I treated Friday as a fresh start and put Thursdays failures behind me. Already things were looking more positive and we lost on instance by only 70 points! A couple of losses later and I got a good team. We managed to keep two of the tracks almost exclusively and control the central area which made us pretty invincible and we won!!

A quick look at my stats reveals I ended up running Silvershard Mines 15 times in my quest for victory!
I'm so glad to finally be off of that quest. It has taught me one thing though - real PvPers must hate the defeatist attitude that a lot of us PvEers have when it comes to battleground. Whilst I may be shit I certainly don't give up easily.


  1. I speculate these two BG are especially bad as the "dontwannaPvP" crew are compelled to run them for cloak. As a PVP player i would feast on this stat boosting easy meat. -Roneebean