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Sunday 19 January 2014

Woeful Worgen

Earlier this month I decided to level my Worgen rogue, Shaggywolfy, and to finally get her outside of the Gilneas starting area. I rolled her back in October as part of #AltAppreciation. Having never completed the starting area before I was surprised by how long it actually took. She was pretty much level 14 by the time she left and it seemed to take forever to get there.

Looking at the zone map I suppose it's fairly large and the quest hubs are quite spread out. Despite it feeling like it took an age I really enjoyed it and was glad that the quest The Battle for Gilneas City didn't bug out - that is the reason why I never completed the zone the first time round. You also have to be level 12 to get the final quest Endgame it seems.

Poor enslaved Worgens :(

Something that I noticed about the area and the Worgen race as a whole is the overwhelming feeling of sadness and woe (hence the post title). I can't decide if it's the darkness and atmosphere of the zone (which I really love), the storyline, the Worgens themselves (in particular their facial expressions) or a combination of it all. Having said this you might think I found the zone to be depressing but rather I loved it and found it quite refreshing in it's differentness.

Gate into the city.
Currently Shaggywolfy is level 17 and questing in the Redridge Mountains. Unfortunately for her she is at the bottom of a very long list of alts to be leveled.


  1. Yeah I never found it depressing either, more just... melancholy I guess is a good word. Things can be sad without being depressing.

  2. There is a definite beauty in it along with a sense of purpose. Yes terrible things have happened to them but the average Gilnean seems to have adapted rather well. I love the near constant rain, the ravens and the red and white roses. If it wasn't for the feeling of being trapped I get whenever I hit a phased start zone, I'd play through it far more often.

    1. The rain is very cool. I always find myself laughing at the stereotypical British accents too - I also like to copy them. My favourite phrase has to be "get gabbin' or get going". I agree with you on the trapped feeling - I'm sure that's part of the reason I felt like it took so long to get out of there.