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Wednesday 3 April 2013

10 Days of Pet Battles: Day 10

I've finally made it to the last component part of the 10 Days of Pet Battles challenge. It's been really fun and has got me thinking about all of my experiences pet battling. It also re-kindled my love for pet battles after I had a blip in my enthusiasm. Kudos to Navimie for thinking up the questions and promoting the challenge.

Day 10: Design a pet! What model would your pet have, where would it come from and what abilities would it have?

I think that todays question / task is in two parts really 1) designing the pet and 2) about the pet (abilities etc.). In yesterdays post, Day 9 of the challenge, I spoke in great depth about my favourite abilities and the 6 I would give to the ultimate balanced pet (based on personal opinion of course). Meaning that today my main objective is to address my pets model and origins.

Now there's a couple of different battle pet models that I'd love to see added to the game. A baby Orca would be pretty sweet but I'm not sure how it would work out size-wise... unless it was a pygmy.

A more realistic model would be based on the standard big cat cub but with a new skin to those currently availble. As much as I do like the cub models none of them have models that really stand out and grab my attention. I would like to see the addition of bolder colours and in particular a cub based on Winna's Kitten. If you've seen pictures of my hunter you'll no doubt have realised that my hunters main pet is this model. I absolutely love the green and orange and can't see myself replacing Kitty anytime soon(!) so a matching cub would be epic.

Not the best 'artists impression' that you'll ever see but this is what I managed to create using the wonder that is paint!
You may have noticed from yesterdays ability blog that I spoke about using the mechanical repair in conjunction with the mechincal passive failsafe and the advantages that can be gained if timed correctly. I guess I would like my pet to be mechanical to take full advantage of this and so we get Robo-Kitty-Cub!


  1. Jojo that's so cool! I need to finish mine, I just got so distracted! Congrats on finishing the 10 days!

    1. Thanks :) distracted by shiney new games and pets!