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Monday 1 April 2013

BPTT: Easter / Nobelgarden Edition

Welcome to my latest Battle Pet Theme Team post all about Easter / Nobelgarden themed pets! It's been a while since I've done one of these post so I'll try to make it a good one. Nobelgarden is one of my favourite world events and Perculia's guide can be found here. Whilst I have completed all of the Nobelgarden events I will still be taking part in it this year - just for fun!

As usual, the pet images used below are taken from warcraftpets.com as is the information I use. The pet name will link to the pets detailed page at warcraftpets.com.

The Contenders
Spring and Easter are times of the year heavily associated with new life whether it's baby lambs or chicks. And so, this has influenced the contenders for this particular theme team.

There's a whole range of rabbits/bunnies and even hares in-game. They all share what is essentially the same model but with slightly differeent skins. In terms of their abilities I think they're all identical. Having said this there is only one real choice and that's the Spring Rabbit. The Spring Rabbit is a vendor-bought pet available during the holiday for 100 Nobelgarden Chocolate's.

There are two lambs availabe in-game - the capturable Black Lamb and the Elwynn Lamb which costs 40 Champion's Seal. Again, same model, slightly different skins but the same set of abilities. I only have the Black Lamb in my collections and in all honesty I prefer it to the white Elwynn Lamb.

In-game there's a variety of chickens available but I wanted a chick, not the adult. A quick search on warcraftpets.com brought up the Imperial Eagle Chick and the Jade Crane Chick. Not what I was thinking of. Then, I remembered about Egbert - your typical half-hatched baby chick. Egbert is available as a reward during Children's Week (which will take place at the end of this month).

Final Team
This final team of: Spring Rabbit, Black Lamb and Egbert is purely based on their appropriate-ness to the Nobelgarden (or Easter/Spring-time) theme. As a result all three happen to be from the Critter pet-family. Despite this they only share a few abilities and it's possible that they may actually form a team balanced just enough to work.


  1. Egbert has always been one of my faves, he's just a total spaz :D

    1. Haha yeah he is! That's what makes him so adorable