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Tuesday 2 April 2013

10 Days of Pet Battles: Day 9

Hey there! It's been a long time since I posted the other earlier components of the 10 Days of Pet Battles. I had this post atleast 75% complete before I went on holiday last week but I wanted the post to be 110% complete before posting. So here it [finally] is...

Day 9: What is your favourite pet ability? If you could have a pet with your favourite abilities, what would they be?

There's a few pet abilities in-game that I really like and so I've decided on the six that I would have built into my ultimate pet design (& tomorrow [hopefully] you will get to see said pet). I've tried to pick a well range of abilities with the aim of making the pet well rouded although that obviously would never happen. As a result I have six categories of ability - one for each of the six slots.

Self Heal
I really like the mechanical ability Repair as a self repair. At higher levels it can be really powerful in my opinion. It takes two rounds to hela yourself but there's a pretty neat way of using this to your advantage. Provided you time it correctly! In-game this ability is exclusive to mechanical pets which have the mechanical passive Failsafe. Now with perfect timing you can initiate Repair, die, come back to life (via Failsafe), complete Repair and stay alive with a fairly good amount of health. I have usd this little loophole and it works for me (when timed right).

Team Heal
Self repairs are brilliant for doing exactly that - a self repair. But there's times in game when you want to repair your whole team. For example, when an opposing pet has used an ability such as Arcane Explosion that causes damage to all of your team members before they've even entered the battle.
Renewing Mists is a pretty good heal over time (lasting three rounds) however it only heals the active pet (i.e. the one battling). An alternative is Bleat which heals all pets but has a 4-turn cooldown. Personally, I'd go with Bleat as I think it's slightly more useful. For instance, in my example above, if my super pet was active I'd use Bleat asap and hope to survive long enough to use Bleat again (as many times as possile) and hope to Bleat one last time before dying to heal the rest of the team. If my pet wasn't active I would way up the effectiveness of swapping the super pet in, Bleat, battle and again Bleat some more.

Bleat in action.
So, as is the nature of pet battles, there are a lot of damage dealing abilities. As a result I guess the ability I choose to put in this slot is really based on personal preference. Even so it's quite a tricky decision to make due to the vast number of damage dealing abilities. I've decided to talk about a number of damage dealing abilities that I like:
  • Slicing Wind is quite a cool ability to watch and it can be found in a number of the flying (and other) pet families.
  • Claw is another cool ability but this time found mostly in the beast family.
  • Whilst Leap is again pretty neat to watch, it also has an accompanying buff that increases speed by 100% for 1 round - a little extra bonus if you ask me.
Slicing Wind.

Damage over Time (DOT)
I've chosen to add a Damage-over-Time (DOT) to my pets skill set. I think DOTs are extremely useful both generally in-game and in pet battles. In case you're unaware DOTs are normally applied early on during a battle and slowly over time cause damage to be inflicted on the enemy.
Whirlpool is probably my favourite DOT pet ability. Since the first time I saw it I loved it. It's an awesome ability both in terms of the damage it deals, it's relatively short cooldown (3 turns) and how it looks. There are other DOTs, such as Apocalypse, but I don't like them anywhere as much as Whirlpool.

Speed Up / Reduction
As with most turn-based games speed can often be a brilliant advantage to have on your side. Despite this it isn't always possible to guarantee that your pet will have the edge. Abilities such as Powerball that increase your speed, in this case by 20% each turn, are really useful for giving your pet this particular advantage.
Alternatively, there are speed reducing moves such as Screech.

Damage Reduction
What can I really say other than that any ability to reduce the amount of damage taken either partially or completely is a useful one! Personally, I haven't leveled my Anubisath Idol (or any of the other four pets) that are lucky enough to posess the ability Deflection but my boyfriend has and I've read all about it. You may have heard all about the Idol's super ability 'Reflection' but that's now been replaced with Deflection. Even so, it's easy to see how and why Deflection, which "avoids enemy attacks..." is useful.

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