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Saturday 13 April 2013

Jade Panther Mount

For a while now I've been working towards the Jade Panther mount and yesterday I finally made it. I love all of the new panther mounts but for me it had to be the green one first. I do intend to make the other three coloured ones and maybe one day the Jeweled Onyx Panther - with all of this being money dependent.

As you may be aware the panther mounts are made by jewelcrafters and they aren't cheap! Each requires an Orb of Mystery which will set you back 18k atleast! In addition each requires 4x Living Steel, 2x Serpent's Eye and 20x of a colour related gem - in this case Wild Jade.

So, I've been working aware on both my main (hunter) and my maggie to get enough Ghost Iron Ore to prospect for Alexandrite (reagent for Transmute: Wild Jade) and to make bars which I've been transmuting to Trilium Bars and then Living Steel.

Last night I finally got around to crafting my panther. As much as I was really excited about the prospect of flying around on it I made the decision to stick it on the AH for 12 hours - if it sold I'd make a good 4-5k profit and if not I'd still have the mount. Turns out that it didn't sell so I've spend much of my in-game time today flying about.

It also happens that I'm not the only person whose shown an interest in these mounts recently. Jim over at Power Word: Gold posted about the duplicating of the Jeweled Onyx Panther yesterday. It's a really interesting read and got me thinking about my servers AH. Whilst the four coloured panther mounts are available on my servers AH for a reasonable price (~25-27k each) the jeweled onyx is selling for a lot cheaper than the cost of materials (around 65k). I have no idea if this is due to duplicating or not but it's certainly cheaper than making your own - but should you purchase such bargain buys and risk it being a duplicate?


  1. Congrats on your gorgeous new Panther! I don't know how you duplicate a jeweled onyx panther (is it a mats glitch?) but maybe you can explain it to me.

    1. Thanks. I think duplicates can happen as a result of a glitch in-game but it seems that it's also possible to 'artificially' engineer it so they occur. But I have no idea how you would set about doing that - I imagine it to be complicated but I don't know.

  2. Awesome, congratz with your new Panther!

  3. Arg - I have all the mats for my sunstone panther except the orb thing, and I'm still saving for that! Need to focus on selling stuff I guess - I'm just out there having way to much fun ...but having said that thanks for the reminder to move my butt with making G. !