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Tuesday 23 April 2013

Random achievements, new transmog, a must-have mount and a GIANT moonkin hatchling!


I got back from my cousins wedding yesterday afternoon. I had a really nice time and it was a lot of fun - there was a whole table of sweets (giant strawberrys, fried eggs etc.) which was amazing!

Last night I logged into WoW and had a pretty laid back evening. As usual I logged my hunter, checked out the BMAH and queued for my daily random heroic and scenario. Following my scenario I got the achievement Got My Mind On My Money for looting 10,000 gold. I then went into my dungeon and got Mystically Superior.

I've gradually been getting new gear and my Dragonstalker transmog has slowly been getting less and less as I haven't been transmogging my new stuff to match. So, I decided it was about time I re-mogged my gear. I collected the Wind-Reaver gear (part of the Stormscale Set) from the quests in the Dread Wastes and decided to try it out as a transmog. I really like how it all looks together and to make things even better it looks great with my favourite bow - Black Bow of the Betrayer! I've hidden the helm and cloak because I don't like the helm and my current cloak doesn't match. I've also equiped the Tabard of the Wildhammer Clan as that matches it nicely.

I then logged onto my mage to do some pet battling. I'm taking a break from questing on her now that she's reached level 89 and am just poodling along pet battling. During one battle I saw a Player X has got [Turtles All the Way Down] message/alert pop up and once out of the battle I congratulated them. We had a good old chat about various things - from achievements to pet battles and they showed me their new Sea Turtle mount. It looks amazingly cute and even hides in it's shell. It really is a must have mount, in my opinion, but takes a lot of time, patience and luck to get. There is however a similar TCG loot model (Riding Turtle) which will set you back around $100!

My last bit of quirky news is that I got my Moonkin Hatchling to level 25 and the boyf asked if it would be bigger than me (on my mage) if I fed it Magical Pet Biscuits. The answer is Yes!


  1. OMG giant cute moonkin! Grats on all those achieves and gear stuff Jojo :)

  2. Aww that giant moonkin is so cute! Seems like you've had a busy achievement filled time! Congrats :)

    1. It certainly was a more productive day than I expected it to be. Thanks.