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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Christmas Chaos!

Today, I've woken up to the realisation that I'm very behind with my list of stuff to do this week before Christmas. Working nights hasn't helped - that is for sure. I spend my evenings doing housework, cooking etc and playing a couple hours of WoW before work. As a result, I've not progressed too well concerning Winter Veil and the Merrymaker. I wanted to have this achievement complete before Christmas but it looks like I'll be finishing it off afterwards.

More urgently, Christmas is just one week away! My boyfriend doesn't want anything in real-life, so I decided to get him something in-game. But... what do you get someone who's banking alt has over 200K gold and as a result they have almost everyhing they could want? There's one in-game pet that I happen to hvae two of that I know he lacks so my plan is to cage it up for him. I'll have to think some more about what else to get him.

Even more importantly though - I have to sort my gift for my Furtive Father Winter recipient! I now know who my recipient is am working through a series of ideas but it's proving much harder than I frirst though. I'm still really looking forward to making said gift - once I've decided upon an idea / theme to go with. Oh well, it's all good fun!

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