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Friday 21 December 2012

Got him!

In my last blog (link) I spoke briefly about my boyfriend finding a Scourged Whelpling and my minor touch of jealousy. Well, I've finally got one of my own... thanks to my lovely boyfriend! After work last night my boyf was playing WoW and I asked him to pop to Icecrown and have a quick look. To both of our surprise, there were several whelps in the area and continued to spawn for around 5minutes. To reiterate, this was not after a server restart and was at approx. 4:30am server time.


The geotag above shows where exactly I caught my rare whelpling. I had expected the to spawn slightly further north around the pit/crater but got mine south-east of there. However, others were spawning further north.

Capturing this guy also meant that I finally achieved Northrend Safari.

I'm a very happy bunny and best of luck to anyone who's also after one of these guys!


  1. Woohoo!!!! Congrats! I hope I will be able to post about my own whelp soon!