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Saturday 15 December 2012

The Pet & Mount Store - Some Recent Purchases

The Blizzard Store have been doing a fair few offers recently. Last week, in-game mounts were half price (reduced to £8.50 each) and now the in-game companions are reduced (to £4.50 each). The Blizzard Store is in itself an interesting topic. I have no objections to Blizzard selling in-game pets / mounts for real-life money. At the end of the day they aren't a compulsory part of the game and people buy them voluntarily if they wish to. Despite this, some peopls will (and do) argue that Bizzard are trying to make money out of the fan-base. Perhaps this is true, but it should be remembered that these same moaners often stll have active subscriptions to the game and are themseslves paying Blizzard each month to play the game!

Anyway, this post is really just about my recent purchase and my surprise gift. I have always loved and wanted the sparkle pony (Celestial Steed). Last week I was in two-minds about purchasing the mount. My two arguments were : Could I afford to spend the £8.50 on an in-game item? vs. Would it make more sense to buy it cheap now? In the end I flipped a coin and purchased the mount. I didn't see my boyfriend until the next day as he was leaving for work and all he said was "check your e-mail". I realised that he, knowing I was in two-minds about the purchase, had also gone and got me the mount. Fortunately, Blizz are refunding this purchase.

The last three days I've been quite ill and in a bit of a daze. Last night, I was sat minding my own business when he told me to check my e-mails. This time he had purchased me a Moonkin Hatchling. These guys are so cute and probably the only pet I would consider purchasing. You also, to some extent, get two pets out of it. They come in two colour morphs - blue for Alliance and brown for Horde. My boyfriend also purchased himself a Moonkin Hatchling aswell as a Pandaren Monk (whom he's named 'Po').

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