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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Un-Healthy Competition

Last night, well this morning, I got home from work to find my boyfriend was still awake. I asked why he was still up at 6:30am and he told me he'd stayed up for the server restarts and had something to show me. I assumed it was a Minfernal which didn't bother me as I've already captured one. However, when he said it was a Scourged Whelping I must admit to being rather jealous and a little angry! It's the last pet I need for Northrend Safari.

Anyway this got me thinking about my own in-game competitiveness and in-game competitiveness in general. Personally, I don't think I'm very competitive, with one exception - pet battles. Only 3 or 4 people in my guild are into pet battles and this includes me and my boyfriend. The two of us do compete and compare who has what pets etc. But other than this I'm fairly relaxed.

Something that's not uncommon in-game is people getting competitive over gear. This can occur at a variety of levels, right the way up to ninja-ing gear. As mentioned above I'm quite laid back and to me my ilevel means nothing! But to some people ilevel is everything. People at the oppoiste end of extremes, to myself, can even get aggressive over gear. Such an incident happened within my guild a few months back: four guilides were running a dungeon together with one random. During a loot role one guildie rolled need, with the intention of mailing said piece of gear to a different char and they already had an excuse/reason lined up - 'they were fed up of people doing it to them'. Personally I don't agree with this behaviour and think it makes you no better than those you're complaining about. Also, there can be wider repercussions. I think people are well within their rights to report this behaviour to the offending persons GM - if they can be bothered. Whilst I think it would take something a bit more that a ninja for me to worry, I certainly would if someone was being abusive in a dungeon.


  1. I hope people will soon realise that needing on BoE items will actually bind them to the winning person. If they knew that, we'd be spared from a lot of unnecessary soulbinds. :P

    When it comes to game masters, I reported a ninja looter back in late Wrath. The reply I got was basically that it's none of their business, it's something the players need to solve by themselves. I was a bit disappointed about that, because there's really no way for the players to maintain any kind of ninja free community anymore. Before cross-realm -anything-, a player who needed on a BoE item without asking their party members if it was okay, would get a reputation bad enough to be kicked from their guild. It sounds like outrageous overreacting compared to this day, but since that isn't happening, I wish at least GMs would do something about it. :/

    1. When I first started playing WoW I was quite surprised at how often people 'need' things by mistake & end up with them soulbound. I didn't see my first ninja for quite a while but it made me rather angry! I'm just glad that I'm not too fussed about gear etc or I think it could potentially ruin the game for me.
      I guess, concerning Blizzard & game masters, it would take them forever to deal with every ninja. I do think guilds need to be responsible for their members and their behaviour. I'd support guild kicking people - but not everyone agrees.