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Monday 17 December 2012

Dalaran Crater & the Lofty Libram.

One of the Winter Veil quests (You're a Mean One...) requires you to travel to the Hillsbrad Foothills. Whilst there I decided to check out the Dalaran Crater. I'd never really paid much attention to this area and it was only due to being in the zone and the Lofty Libram battle pet that I bothered.

My boyfriend filled me in on the lore as a circled the site in search of the Libram. I was surprised at how pretty and peaceful the site was. I saw a paw print on the map, a rat, and went to battle it in the hope it would spawn a Libram. A troll beat me to it, so I continued on my route. Within seconds a new paw print appeared and this time it was a Libram. Nice bit of luck!

North of the crater.

South of the crater, above where I caught theLofty Libram.

With my Lofty Libram.

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