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Wednesday 13 February 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 19

Here we are, the penultimate day of Nev's 20 Days of Gold Making...

Have you bought yourself anything really expensive as a reward for earning all that gold? Or do you have a self-present in mind for when you reach your goal?

On Day 2 I spoke about how my gold making goals are usually the acquisition of a certain expensive mount and on Day 8 about when I achieved two such mounts - the Sandstone Drake and the Mekgineer's Chopper.

Since achieving these two mounts I haven't really had a goal. I've been continuing to sell items here and there and my bank balance has been steadily growing - for no real purpose. So, today's question has got me thinking about the upcoming Patch 5.2 and a certain pet called Pierre.

For those of you who don't know, Pierre is a companion pet who also acts like a mini stove making him very handy! Plus, he has a moustache!! Anyway, he can be made by an engineer and the materials required are Stabilized Lightning Source (from Ghost Iron Bars) and Living Steel.

Whilst I can get my hands on most of the materials (i.e. the ghost iron) I'm not sure if I'll get me Mage to being able to Transmute: Living Steel in time. I am currently leveling her for this purpose, it all depends on how fast I level her and when the Patch arrives. Anyway, I've realised that if the worst happens and I don't have any/enough Living Steel I will be digging into my savings and buying them.

Pierre will be mine!


  1. Haha I'm levelling my Hunter for Engineering to make endless Pierre pets! :D Alts are very useful for their profs indeed!

    1. My engineerings at 584 currently so shouldnt take too much to get it maxed.

  2. I love the look of Pierre! just a heads up tho hon, for some of your linked items the text bit isn't showing up - think maybe white on white? Might wanna check link colour settings in your template setup.

    1. He's just so unique looking! Hmm thanks for that. My link text is showing in purple (atleast I can see it) but it seems the symbol/logo's are missing. I've added the scripting to get the Wowhead tooltips but it's a bit buggy

    2. I just got the boyf to have a look and he see's it completely differently to me - how you described it. So, as a quick fix I've changed the post colour to being non-white :) I'm intending to change my blog layout & look soon so will sort more permanent solution then. Thanks again for the heads up!