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Wednesday 6 February 2013

BPTT: Lunar Festival Re-Visited!

I thought it would be good to re-visit my first Battle Pet Theme Team based on the Lunar Festival. If you haven't read the original post you can read it here.

I opted to focus on the lunar / magic element of the Lunar Festival world event rather than the Chinese new year element (I will be covering the more oriental side later this week). This limited my contender pets to be largely from the magic family with most having the same abilities.

The Team vs Froggy!
So, when I came to choosing my final 3 it was more a case of get the best variety of abilities. In the end I went with the: Enchanted Lantern, Enchanted Broom and the Fjord Worg Pup [pet links to warcraftpets.com]. To be honest I wasn't sure how well the team would balance out. But to my surprise it went quite well! At the time of publishing I have leveled my Enchanted Lantern to level 16 and the Enchated Broom to level 17.

One thing that I had not considered, when picking my final three, was that the Fjord Worg Pup would start at a much higher level (due to it being a wild caputrable pet). My Pup is level 19 and of poor quality. My aim was to level the two enchanted pets high enough to go and find myself a rare quality pup but things didn't go to plan - I didn't have enough battling time.

Lantern casting illuminate.
Anyway, back to the enchanted duo. I really enjoyed leveling these two pets and they have some great moves and visual effects. I'd really recommend the Enchanted Broom as a good all rounder - with the magic passive and numerous non-magic abilities to mix it up. I'm going to continue to level said Broom 'til 25 and can see it being a really valuable addition to my squad of level 25's.

Broom casting Clean-Up.


  1. interesting. was thinking each of my characters would have a team of appropriate pets for there personality/race. atm looks like there each going to have teams but not themed.

    1. I like the sound of teams that reflect personality/race but it's quite tricky to find a team that fits the theme and is balanced - as I found!