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Sunday 17 February 2013

The Jade Forest - A Gnomes-Eye View

The last few days I've been working on leveling my Gnome mage through the Jade Forest. This is my second character that I'm leveling in Pandaria so it's still rather new to me. Especially, as my hunter was virtually level 87 when I got into Pandaria (thanks to the 10-day free trial and lots of farming) so I went straight into the Valley of the Four Winds.

I'm not particularly worried about getting to 90 asap so decided to take my time. I completed the Upjade Complete achievement, although it bugged out a little, and headed to Kun-Lai (I was already level 87).

Overall, I really enjoyed leveling through the Jade Forest and took a ridiculous amount of screenshots - even more than usual! I've picked out the best and have included them below. Due to not being level 90 I can't fly in Pandaria yet so some of the screenshots don't look as good as they would from an elevated height hence it's a Gnomes-eye view.

Around Pearlfin Village

Watersmith working hard.







I seemed to visit here a lot!
Heading North



The perks of slow fall!

Slow falling again.

Porcupine bigger than a Gnome!


Shrine of the Jade Serpent

Before it gets destroyed.





Sha of Doubt

Sha of Doubt in place of the serpent statue.



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