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Monday 25 February 2013

Breakfast Topic Thoughts: The Funny Side of WoW

I've had a busy weekend so I've spent much of this evening catching up with blogs etc. So, this is a little late but fortunately Starre (of Warcraft Trading Post) posted a response today which made doubley sure that I saw this Breakfast Topic.

On Saturday Lisa Poisso posted WoW Insider's Breakfast Topic asking When was the last time WoW made you laugh out loud? For me this was a just a few days ago. It's a bit of a weird and wonderful story to be honest.

I was hanging around outside Orgrimmar trying to complete Fistful of Love as part of Love is in the Air. I had two race/class combinations left - Undead Warrior & Troll Rogue. Anyway, I was on my hunter, mounted on my sparkle pony searching through the crowd of Hordies. It was a really busy night and most of them were duelling each other.

I noticed this DK (I think he was a Blood Elf) running around me in circles. I dismounted and waved. He waved back. A whole series of emotes (all friendly) later and there I was virtually naked dancing with this guy outside Org. There was quite a crowd looking, pointing, cheering, winking at me by this point. Sadly my friend had to go so we waved goodbye.

I'm not entirely sure what it was about this whole experience that I found so funny but it really did make me laugh. Not to mention my miss-type of "laugh" in guild chat as opposed to "/laugh" which resulted in my guildie thinking I'd lost it a little. Only for me to casually explain that I was naked dancing with a Hordie outside Org! On a side note it restored my faith in the player community and proved that inter-faction relations don't always have to revolve around /spit.


  1. Oh that's funny! You were on an Alliance character at this point? That's awesome! There should be an achievement for 'nekkid' dancing with an opposite faction character right outside their most popular city. Priceless! That says something about your server - not being full of mindless gankers - which is a good thing :)

    1. Yeah I was on my Draenei (probably should have pointed that out). An achievement for that would be awesome - after all there's "Make love, not warcraft".