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Tuesday 5 February 2013

Blogging Buddies!

Since I started blogging back in October 2012 I've made some great blogging buddies! The blogging community has been so welcoming and friendly and I couldn't hope for anything better. I think my enthusiasm for the blogging community is what inspired my boyfriend to start his own blog.

Anyway, in the past 24-hours I have received two awesome gifts from some blogging buddies and I'd like to share them with you.

Gift #1
Last night on Twitter Kaitz ask me which pets I'd be using for my Darkmoon Faire Theme Team. I've been busy working on a Chinese New Year / Oriental team for this weekend's festivities and then it's Valentines so my theme team posting is pretty much sorted for the next couple of weeks. This means I won't get around to making a DMF team until the next time the faires in town - March. So I replied saying I wouldn't be doing one until next month, giving me a bit more time to try and acquire the pesky Darkmoon Eye pet. Little did I know that Kaitz had a spare one which she gave me!

We met up at Halfhill but had a few crossrealm issues that we needed to contend with. It was great to meet Kaitz in the flesh pixels and we had a good chat about pets etc. I'm super excited about me new DM-Eye as I think they look really eerie just staring at you. I also named it after Kaitz so hopefully she'll bring it/me some pet battle luck!

Eerie Eye!
Gift #2
My second gift arrived in my inbox this afternoon and it was an awesome surprise - a poem from Navimie. You might remember my recent post about when I met Navi in the pixels courtesy of a Navispam. She had mentioned writing my poem but I really wasn't expecting it and it really made me smile! Here it is:
If you admire Azeroth
You might see Jojo 'round
Screenshots galore of scenery
We're lots alike, I've found.

We both love pets, and love to fish
Some call us plain crazy...
Persistance pays, she won the Comp!
And Salty both are we!

<3 Navi 


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    1. I see that you've been busy writing poems this week! It still makes me smile when I read it :D

  2. Grats on your new pet and your poem :)

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