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Saturday 2 March 2013

Order of the Cloud Serpent!

I haven't blogged (or even played WoW) very much in the last week or so. You may have seen via twitter that I pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder at the end of last week so I didn't play at all for a few days. This week has also been very hectic and I've been lucky to get my dailies done let alone any leveling etc. But things have settled back down and I intend to get back into my usual daily routine meaning more in-game time and blogs.

Anyway, on Monday I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of game time. I've been slowly working on my reputation with the Golden Lotus - I'm currently friendly. But I guess I was looking for an excuse to spend more in-game time on my hunter and so I decided to start grinding rep with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. As of yesterday, I have completed their daily quests twice. I'm enjoying their dailies in particular the fishing and cooking quests! There's also some great scenery in the local area and I've taken some screenshots to share with you.

As my reward for Choosing the One I picked the Green Serpent Egg and I'm really looking forward to growing my own mount. I'm not sure if I'll buy the other two mount colour variations or attempt to grind the rep on a couple of other characters - depends how lazy I'm feeling really.

I've reach honoured with the Order and yesterday purchased Design: Jade Panther and Design: Sunstone Panther. I'd love to make them both and at some point to have all of these awesome jewelcrafting mounts but it will require some serious gold-making to take place. I can afford to make a couple for myself but think I'll wait a while or atleast until I've made some gold (I do have a lot of crap that I could probably sell on the AH).

And now for the screenshots...


A casualty of war.

More awesome storms in Pandaria!




Pretty waterfall.

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