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Wednesday 6 March 2013

I've Finally got a Hunter Pet from Pandaria!!!

You may have seen on Twitter last night that I've finally got myself a hunter pet from Pandaria! It's taken me several months, I know, but I've been very distracted by pet battles, reputation and mounts.

Dusty Track? I wonder what that is!?!
I was doing my Golden Lotus daily quests when I happened upon a Dusty Track. Now initially I thought something along the lines of "hmm, what's that for? I'm sure I've read about these paw prints". A few minutes later it hit me - it was the track of a trackable hunter pet! I must admit I got a little excited and stopped what I was doing to follow the track.

I followed the tracks from where I was, just north-west of Mistfall Village, right around to the western end of Portent's track (at the time I had no idea what/who I was tracking). I thought I had missed something and checked out WoW Rare Spawns post on Portent. I then got really excited - having seen that not only was I tracking Portent the Quilen but that he came in four colour skins.

Anyway, I saw that I was at the end of his path (I'd walked into a wall) so started following the tracks back around. Now I've recently been having issues with my laptop/graphics card and keep having random flickering trees that are there one second and then vanish before popping back up again. Based on this I thought that I was having issues seeing the tracks - how wrong I was!!!

The boyfriend came home so I eagerly told him I was tracking Portent and got him to read up on taming him for me. I directed the boyf to WoW Rare Spawns and it seems that I had missed some rather important information! The trackable pets are stealthed and you need to use flare gun to see them. It seems that I had been following him the whole time - explaining my issues in seeing the tracks. By this point I was at the eastern edge of his path, unstealthed and tamed him.

And here he is, my very own blue Portent!


I've replaced Cyril my core hound with him. I hardly ever used my core hound due to the necessity of BM-spec so felt that a simple replacement would work best. I plan to sort out my BM action bars so that I can actually play it sometime soon.

Also, I'd just thought I'd quickly recommend WoW Rare Spawns to anyone that doesn't read/use it already. Euphyley has some brilliant guides on there (just helps if you read them first).


  1. Grats on your new hunter pet!
    I think the Portents are nice :)

    1. Thanks. Yeah I like them too - especially as I don't have the Quilen mount.

  2. congrats! I like the colour :)

    1. Thanks. It's really metallic and shimmery :D

  3. Congrats Jojo!! I have come across these same tracks and had no clue about what they were for. Looks like you just taught this crusty old hunter something new :) Thanks!! Now I really want one! I like matching pet colors to my transmog sets as well, these guys will be fun to do it with.

    1. Thanks & I'm glad my post was of some use! I really like all the different colours but I don't have enough room in the stables for one of each. I've never tried matching my pets to transmogs but I like the idea of it :)