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Sunday 3 March 2013

10 Days of Pet Battles: Day 1

If you haven't seen it already, Navi has recently posted her own series - 10 Days of Pet Battles and I couldn't resist.

Day 1: Your first day pet battling.

I thought that I had blogged about the launch of MoP and my first pet battles but after a little investigation it seems that I started blogging on 26th October 2012 after MoP's launch (25th September 2012). In my first blog I do talk a little about the launch of MoP but not in any great detail so I'll recap it.

When MoP launched I had just finished my masters, was jobless and had no money. I prepared myself for not playing MoP at it's launch and in all honesty this didn't bother me. I had never played any WoW content when it was current. The one thing that I was really keen on was the pet battles. I had experienced pet battles on the beta and found them to be really enjoyable, addictive and definately something I wanted to continue to do.

Audrey Burnhep.
Skip forward to the launch of MoP. I remember the server was ridiculously busy as was my guild. People were chatting away about various things relating to the launch of MoP. I was in Stormwind and as the clock to launch was counting down I made my way to Audrey Burnhep - the pet battle trainer. To my surprise I could pet battle even without MoP. I was so excited and flew into Elwynn Forest as quick as I could. It was reasonably quiet with maybe half a dozen people pet battling - the majority of people were attempting to get to Pandaria.

I love the cows in Elwynn Forest!
There was one other guy in my guild who didn't have MoP and he joined me pet battling. We progressed quite well and made it do Duskwood. Here things started to lull. A lot of people were finding reaching Pandaria to be quite laggy and that the shear number of people in the zones questing made things difficult. As a result the number of people turning to pet battling increased. It was annoying but I persevered and I think I made it as far as Stranglethorn Vale before giving in and going to bed.

I really like the Black Lambs...
... I'm still looking for a 'rare' quality one.


  1. Started laughing at that cow screenshot when I saw it. They always make me chuckle when I see them in

    1. I like to mount up and follow them around so it looks like I'm riding them... I'd sooo love one as a mount!

    2. A cow Mount!!!!
      I'm so in :)

    3. Maybe I should start a WoW Cow Mount Campaign!

  2. Yay! Glad you're playing too! And that reminds me.. I should write about audrey burnhep :)

  3. You just reminded me that I must write about Audrey Burnhep! And yay, Jojo is playing :D now I can read even MORE about pet battles LOL

    1. Pet battles are such a big part of WoW now... and to think loads of people said it would be a flop!