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Sunday 17 March 2013

My 100th Blog!

Here it is, my 100th blog post!

My blog's been going for just under 5 months now and I think 100 blogs is pretty good going. I've fluctuated from blogging multiple times a day to once every couple depending on spare time and whats happening in-game and this has worked well for me.

I'm a little unsure about what I should include in this special post. Whilst it's not a blogiversary - which is somewhat like a birthday and a big event which I really hope I reach atleast one of - it is a similar (if smaller) milestone.

I guess I will talk a little about what blogging has done for me...
Initially I took up blogging as a hobby to occupy some of my spare time. I was jobless and had very little do beyond playing WoW and I wanted to chronicle my adventures and I guess, to some extent, give something back. Whilst I am no longer jobless (although my contract is only temporary) I have kept up the hobby of blogging. It has become a big part of my daily routine - both reading others blogs and writing my own.

Which brings me on to the people I have met! One thing that I love about WoW is that there is millions of people who all share the community. Whilst you will only ever meet a small handfull you are still a part of that larger family. In-game I like to chat to random people - whether I meet them out questing or in a dungeon. There's something about not knowing someone yet having a common ground with them that I like. So, when I started blogging I did expect to make some new virtual friends but I wasn't expecting so many - or their generosity!

To date I have received three battle pet gifts from people I've met via blogging - my Cinder Kitten Xsinthis (which you can read about here), my Darkmoon Eye Kaitz (which you can read about here) and my latest addition, my Purple Puffer Navimie. (I have also received a poem from Navi in the past). It was only two days ago that the Puffer was included in my list of Pets I really want! This morning I woke up to find that Navi had emailed me a TCG Loot redemption code and it was for the Puffer which I have now named after her. So thank you Navi, the Puffer is awesome and I will look after it in it's adorable little bubble!

What else? Ahh, yes - the WoW blogging community is not only a brilliant way to meet friends and to discuss the game but it's also a wealth of knowledge! Not only can you read other peoples guides, hints and tips but publish your own so that someone can make use of them. There's a guide to nearly everything - from gold making to rare hunting.

Now it's time for the soppy Oscar-winner style thank you speach! *rolls eyes*.

I currently have around 90 blogs on my blog roll so it would be crazy of me to list them all! I try to leave comments on all of them every now and then to let the various authors know that I'm reading their work because I know how much I appreciate comments. So, if you've ever received a comment from me I will more than likely still be reading your posts. And thank you for giving me something to read, virtual friendship/camaraderie and most of all inspiration! (If you don't think I currently read your blog and it doesn't appear on my blog roll then let me know).

Last but not least, to my readers: whether you blog yourself or not, leave comments or lurk in the darkness of cyberspace - thank you for reading my ramblings, admiring my screenshots and whatever else you get from my blog!!!

Here's to another 100 blogs *clinks champagne glasses*.

On a side note: last night I managed to tame myself my second trackable hunter pet - Savage! As usual I used a guide from a certain blog to tame him but as I'm not mentioning specific blogs I won't link it - but you know who you are.


  1. Congrats on 100 posts! Remember its your milestone and your blog so it will always be special to you :)

    Ooh I feel special and ty for naming it after me I am so flattered <3

    1. Thanks! Well all my other gifted pets are named after the person that gave them to me & I think it works well -'Navimie Pufferfish'

  2. Happy 100th! Here's to the next 100!!!! :p

    (can't have too many exclamations marks in celebration posts)

    1. Thanks and I totally agree - I like to use three most of the time!!!

  3. Woot! Gratz on 100 posts :)

  4. Congratz on 100 posts! I agree re: meeting all the amazing people who all enjoy the game - even if they are on different servers - and sides of the planet :)

    1. Thanks. Yeah it's something quite amazing really :)