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Monday 11 March 2013


Over the past few day's I've taken a few screenshots that I thought I'd share with you.

On Thursday evening I managed to tame myself a Direhorn (full story here). It wasn't until I did some questing over the weekend that I accidently discovered their Reflective Armor Plating. I've recently (partially) switched back to BM-spec (which was my original spec before I changed to Survival) but now that I've got Portent I thought I'd re-do my action bars and give it a go.

Anyway, my BM-spec bars are a bit of a state. So, there I am killing some badies when I click on the Reflective Armor Plating. It looks brilliant! It's also quite a handy ability. I noticed on Wowhead that there was only a few screenshots of Direhorns and none of the plating so I submitted my own (my first screenshot submission!). It got approved *woop* and is now there for everyone to see.

Screenshot that I put on Wowhead.
Skip forward to Saturday night. I was doing my Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies when I remembered about the new Anglers NPC Salty El (of El's Extreme Anglin'). I headed up to Sri-La Village and found her. Whilst there I did some fishing in the pools and managed to get a fair few Jade Lungfish.

It also got quite a shock! I was happily fishing away when Krakkanon spawned right in front of me. The combination of sudden appearance and Silver Dragons "I see you" gave me quite a fright (if I'm being honest).

This is how close Krakkanon was!

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