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Sunday 10 March 2013

A Mothers Day Special on Mounts & Pet Combo's

Today is Mothering Sunday or Mothers Day here in the UK (atleast) so a massive happy mummys day to all you WoW playing mums!

It got me thinking about the animal mothers and their children within Azeroth. By this I mean - there is a number of mounts in-game which have a matching/similar looking companion pet, presumably their child. So, I went through my collection and found some examples...






Thanks to the boyf for brain-storming with me and for allowing me to use his much greater collection of mounts/pets to get some combinations. I'm sure there's a lot more combinations that we didn't think of and/or couldn't show due to lack of the mount and/or pet in either of our collections. For example, I have the Emerald Proto-Whelp and he has the Green Proto-Drake but neither of us have both.
I'd love to hear of any other combinations that you can think of / create yourself (screenshots welcome).


  1. If you have one, Azure Drake and an Azure Whelpling; another rare one is Spectral Tiger and Spectral Tiger Cub, and I am not sure if Tarecgosa's Rest + Li'l Tarecgosa counts?
    Wind rider and wind rider cub as well if you're horde..
    Cool post JoJo!

    1. Ooh I had thought about the windrider cub & mount - I guess it work for Alliance too and there's always the Wildhammer gryphon in-game. Thanks :)

  2. Awww this is really sweet! The only ones I can think of would be the Pink Valentines Mount and Mulgore Hatchling, The Anglers mount with the Eternal Strider mini pet, Onyxia Mount and Onyxia spawn pet, Ashes and Alar and Phoenix Hatchling, the night elf saber mounts and the baby tiger cubs - could actually go on for a while lol

    1. Yeah I remembered your commen about the Mulgore Hatchling matching the Valentines mount but don't have the hatchling. Once I started brain-storming I was quite surprised by how many mother & babies there are in-game!

  3. Awww, this is so cute!
    Love all those adorable screenshots :)