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Sunday 9 June 2013

Breakfast Topic Thoughts: What are you embarrassed that you didn't know?

Earlier I was reading today's WoW Insider Breakfast Topic in which Robin Torres asked "What are you embarassed that you didn't know?". There's a fair few dumb things that I've not known about in my short time playing WoW but by simply reading the comments I've learnt a whole load more!

Robin recently discovered that Bind on Account (BoA) items can be sent cross-faction but not cross-server. Something that I had no idea about! I don't have many BoA items as it goes and I tend to keep all my Alliance chars on my main server and have Hordie's dotted all over the place so it's not overly important to me that you can do this. Nonetheless, it's handy to know.

From the comments:

That gear decay comes from being in combat and not from being hit! Just yesterday I was in LFR and suddenly my ranged weapon (bow) appeared as damaged - I had no idea why as I hadn't been hit or died for some time.

A couple of people commented about how you can put any colour gem in a gem slot. For example, you could out a red gem in a blue slot if you wanted. I honestly thought the colours were fixed to those displayed on the gear.

That monks can roll forwards (which I knew) and sideways and backwards! Similarly, the mage ability Blink can be glyphed with Glyph of Momentum so that it ports you the direction you're moving and not facing.

A couple of recent discoveries:

There is no doubt a lot of stupid things that I didn't know about and have gradullay become aware of. In all honestly I can't think of many right now but here's something I read about today and one from not that long ago...

Having just read Soco (from Vault of Light)'s recent post about character transfers I've learnt that there is a transferrable gold limit of 50k per character. This really doesn't seem a lot to me (not that I have that much gold myself) but I can see why others, like Soco, woould have trouble with this.

Not that long ago, just after Patch 5.3, I went to do one of the new scenarios as requested by Lorewalker Cho. Upon finishing the scenario I received my Greater Cache of Treasures which I opened to loot and found I was Valor capped. The cache then remained in my bags containing the VP's that I couldn't loot. I needed to spend some VPs but I knew that I didn't want anything from the vendor Commander Oxheart. I then asked in guild what I could do about my situation and explained that I seem to spend most of my time capped when it comes to both valor and Justice points. In the past I've wasted hundreds, probably thousands, of both not knowing what to do with them or how to spend them when I don't want to buy from the vendors. And then a guildie told me I could upgrade my gear!! I'd heard people talk about these gear upgrades but just assumed none of my gear was suitable. I felt pretty stupid. I even took a screenshot so I knew where to go in future to upgrade gear.


  1. OMG, there are at least two things on your list I didn't know. Any colour gem? Seriously!??? OMFG - lol! I have a JC, and I've always painstakingly worked out which colours should go where....*face palm*

    1. I know. It was quite a shocker for me too. I think if you use the colour specified you get a bonus but it's certainly not compulsory as I always thought.