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Thursday 13 June 2013

Breakfast Topic Thoughts: Why Can't I...?

Today Elizabeth Harper asked 'Why Can't I...?' play a Gnome druid, hunter or paladin amongst other things and what unanswered WoW questions the readers have.

Firstly, talking about Gnomes I really love them as a race. Now I know there's Gnome haters in Azeroth but at the end of the day they're the one's missing out on having a green beehive hair-do and awesome squinty faces whilst dancing (see pics).

As it goes I'd like to play a lot more race-class combinations but I understand that there's some lore-based continuity issues with this and as I don't delve too deeply into lore I won't dwell on this too much. On a similar line of thought I'd like to see more races be playable by both factions - like the Pandaren are. Tauren's are another of my fave races but I rarely get around to playing Horde side. If I could play an Alliance Tauren then I'd be much more likely to level above 40.

Who could not love a face like that!?!
Now it's on with my own unanswered questions.

Why can't I talk to the opposite faction? I don't mean all the time but in neutral cities such as Dalaran. After all there must be translators in Azeroth, right? The mage Glyph of Arcane Language is part of the way towards this by allowing you to understand your allies racial languages.

Why do hunter pets shrink once they've been tamed?

Plus a couple of silly ones:

How does larger mail, like mounts, fit into the post boxes? And how is the post in Azeroth delivered with such efficiency?

Where are the animal mounts (such as horses and elekks) bred and stabled? A lot of the mount vendors are accompanied by a handful of mounts but no where near enough to meet the demands of the population.

How do the occupants (npc's) of dead cities, such as Silvermoon, make any money?


  1. If you care for answers from a random bird:

    Ad 1. Pure gameplay reasons. During WoW alpha and beta, people from the opposing factions were abusing each other and for that reason alone, we're "blessed" with this barrier. Yes, I don't like it.

    Ad 2. So they don't take up the whole screen in raids.

    Ad 3. They don't fit. You receive keys, reins, etc. in an envelope. And how is it distributed? Magic.

    Ad 4. World scale issue. The world is meant to be much bigger than the in-game version. The breeding pens are much bigger in the "real" Azeroth, and hold more animals.

    Ad 5. In the "real" Azeroth, there is a stable resident population in places like Silvermoon. It's deserted by players, but not civilian population in-universe.

    1. Aww thanks for this! They all make sense too :) The larger items in the post box was what really confuzzled me but you're 100% right - you get keys, reins etc which can fit in the post box *d'oh*.

  2. GNOMES FOREVER! I don't understand the hate... they're awesome :)

    1. I know right! But there will always be haters :(