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Tuesday 11 June 2013

Some Pictures of Horridon...

... both dead and alive!

Saturday I returned to WoW after a week of not playing. I'd been away at a wedding the previous weekend and uber busy with deadlines at work so I'd chosen to not renew my subscription 'til things settled down.

Some ToT architectrure.

Within 20mins of returning to Azeroth I was in the LFR Throne of Thunder Pt1: Last Stand of the Zandalari for the first time. I instantly recognised the floating people with the blue beams below them having previously seen the boyf raiding here. The first boss was already dead leaving Horridon and the Council of Elders.

Initially I felt quite guilty killing Horridon as I think (s)he's an awesome looking boss. Then we wiped and I learnt that (s)he drops a pet, Pygmy Direhorn, and it was game on! Sadly the pet didn't drop and I got no loot at all. Next time I certainly won't feel bad about kicking Horridon's butt!

On a happier note I got the next best thing in terms of pets last night in the form of a Direhorn Runt!