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Tuesday 4 June 2013

Community Blog Topic: What 3 features do you wish WoW had?

WoW Insider has started hosting 'Community Blog Topics' which I think is a really great idea and way for the blogging community to interact etc. This is the first time I will be particiipating in this community event but hopefully there will be many more in the future.

Last week Robin Torres asked 'What 3 features do you wish WoW had?'. Robin's wishlist consisted of:
  • Free server transfers
  • Unique class storylines
  • Account-wide mail
All of which I like the sound of. But I do have some wishes of my own...

Level scaling
The abilty to scale a character down (obviously not up) so that you can quest, dungeon etc. with lower level friends or to complete content at the appropriate level (so that it's a challenge). For me there is a lot of content that I never had the chance to do when it was current. I know I can do dungeons still but there's a lot of older raids that I'd like to have experienced. I hear lots of nostalgic stories of how hard Raid-x was back in the day and how better to understand these sentimentalities.

Galleries/Museums (Similar to housing)
A lot of people talk about in-game character housing which I like the idea of. However, I'd much prefer it to be a more gallery/museum like facility. I'm not overly fussed about my characters having beds, wardrobes and sofa's but I would like a place to store [older] archaeology artefacts that I've made (ie a museum). Moving slightly more towards housing I'm quite keen on the idea of a communal guild area where the heads of defeated bosses are displayed - similar to how you might see the stuffed & mounted head of a deer in a stately home. This being said I can see the appeal of character housing in general.

Storage Solutions
I guess this in part relates to the above point. I am a bit of a hoarder but I think it's a general issue within the game - that being, people have bags and banks full of items that have no day-to-day use but they don't want to get rid of. Above I have outlined how archaeology items such as Kaldorei Wind Chimes can be stored but what about tabards? or armour/transmog sets?
I think tabards would work really well being incorported into the character pane ('C') in a similar way to titles. Once you purchase the tabard it appears in this pane and can be chosen.
Armour/transmog sets would again work well in galleries/museums. I'm not saying have an unlimited set of manakins waiting to hold theses sets but maybe two or three. Or even if you had to pay for your manakins like you'd have to pay for storage.


  1. I'd have to agree with your three choices, particularly with doing lower level content scaled down to a certain level. I have a number of friends who only like levelling, but not playing at the max level. So, I end up hanging out with them when only if I have a certain level of character. Being able to take my warriors, scale them down to level 24 and run an instance would be simply amazing. :p

    They implimented a very narrow version of character housing in Mists: Sunsong Ranch. It's instanced, it's yours, and it changes as you progress. You can't bring your friends there, however. I think they could build on the concept by having a special area in a city or town that phases when you enter, or your party/guild enter. This would allow for private meetings, galleries, etc. An achievements wall, perhaps? :p

    As for storage, having a limited space does help me narrow down what is or is not important to me. However, tabards are abundant enough to warrant a spell-book page or title list style function. Some are irreplaceable, so finding a permanent home for them would be optimal. :p

    1. I really think level scaling would be a major asset to the game and I can *fingers crossed* see Blizz implementing it. It would be amazing in so many ways. I have a whole army of alts and I find it more motivating to level with a friend so if people could scale down and quest, dungeon etc. with me it would be cool.
      Yeah I do like having my own little private area (the ranch) but I'd like to be able to invite others in etc. Ooh an achievement wall would be pretty cool too.
      I can't help but hoard stuff - no matter how hard I try! But as tabards are a storage issue for (almost) everyone in game I think it would be something that Blizz may consider changing - it would benefit the majority of players not just a select few.

  2. Agreed! I'd lik a Guild HQ, phased similar to Halfhill farms, which I think would bring community feelings back to the games. Your 3rd choice is excellent!

  3. I *LOVE* your middle suggestion, kind of like a guild "clubhouse" area, with all your achievements hanging on the walls etc - Brilliant idea.

  4. I'd love to own my own piece of Azeroth. Your own house, your own storage and upgradable and user designable. I know it's asking a bit much. Since I'm in dreaming mode, how about pet breeding....hmmm, I'm turning WoW into Farmville with these ideas :)

    1. Well there's no harm in dreaming! I'm sure I've read somewhere about the possibility of pet breeding but I can't remember where. It could be cool though!