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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Firelands Run with Screenshots

This post is a little later than I had anticipated due to me being away for most of Sunday and Monday at a BioBlitz. But it's better late than never!

Saturday night I managed to go on my first proper Firelands run. I'd been to Firelands before, a long time ago with my guild when they were a person short raiding. If I'm honest that experience was what put me off of raiding. It was just chaos and I found it stressful. Whether this was because I wasn't ready for raiding or just the group dynamics I'm still not sure.

Lord Rhyolith before...
... and after.
Fortunately Saturday's run was much smoother. We managed to clear the whole of Firelands with no wipes at all. However, we did come pretty close on Lord Rhyolith. We managed to get him into his second phase but only 2 or 3 people were still alive. Fortunately they managed to make it.

I really liked the cinematic of the bridge appearing.
Running to Raggy.

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