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Thursday 20 June 2013

Community Blog Topic: What is Your Favourite Class and Spec?

This weeks WoW Insider Community Blog Topic comes from Robin Torres and is "What is your favourite class and spec?".
"What is your favorite class/spec and why? Has it changed over your time playing WoW? Do you actually play your favorite class or are you playing another for the good of your guild or grouping with friends?"
I think this is an excellent community topic but that doesn't mean it's an easy one to answer. If it was what's your least favourite class that would be easy. But it isn't. I haven't played every class which does mean my answer is a little biased towards those that I have played. That said I only have 2 max level characters, one in the high 80s and a range of other low level character's that get played when I have spare time. So, again there will be some more bias towards the classes I'm more familiar with.

I think there is something about each class I play that I like. If there wasn't then I wouldn't play them and they'd either be discarded or deleted. I could easily waffle on about each class and what I like but that would be me avoiding the question really. Instead I'm going to take the plunge and say my hunter.

My hunter is my main so she get's the most game play and is always first to be leveled. I love be able to have pets. Not only are they brilliant fun to collect but handy too. I like being able to go out with a tanking pet (aka Gary) and kill shizzle. That said I am far from the best hunter in the world and things that are "easily soloable for hunters" are often not that easy for me. But meh I enjoy what I do and that's all that I care about.

As for spec I'm mainly survival with beast mastery as my secondary. When I started out BM was my main spec and I enjoyed it. In all honesty I'm not sure what prompted me to change. I think, perhaps, another hunter in my guild suggested I try out survival and that was that. I've never tried Markmanship but I do intend to on another hunter that I will one day level Horde-side (hopefully). Despite playing 99% of the time as a Survival hunter I have to pick Beast Mastery as my favourite spec - quite simply for the pets!

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