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Thursday 20 June 2013

New Hobby - Killing Humans!

I've taken a massive plunge and rolled not only on the darkside but also on a RP server. You may remember some time ago I spoke about my desire to find a Horde home and the struggles I've had in settling down. But I'm hoping this is finally it. Home.

Hey you! I'm Luhnah!

A guy that I work with is Horde through and through. He quite simply loves Goblins. He has said to me a number of times about rolling Horde on his server etc. His (long-term) girlfriend (who happens to work at the same institute as us but different dept.) is their GM so I was more than welcome to join and play casually as and when. Plus, the two of them, and another officer from their guild, all have Alliance alts in the guild I'm in. All three of them like to pop over to my server and get away from the guild stuff and just play WoW.

Hargus the Gimp
 Last night I thought stuff it, lets go Horde! I'd already decided to start with a DK to get some money together etc. Plus I really wanted to check out the new servers AH to look for bargains, ways to make money etc. To be honest I have a sort of pre-planned Horde roster. By this I mean I know a few of the race-class combos that I want to play. For example, a Goblin Rogue, Moochew the Tauren Paladin and Jojomoo who will most probably be a Tauren Hunter. But I hadn't planned a DK. I went for a BElf, after much consideration, and I'm glad I did! I never liked them previously but playing as one has totally changed my opinion of them. They're so light, floaty and graceful. They randomly do a funky little side-spin when they jump and their casting animations are pretty cool.

I also managed to convince a guildie to join me. We didn't really make much progress as I had to get to bed but I'm enjoying it so far. In terms of questing we killed a lot of humans and I quite enjoyed it. I felt really quite bad-a$$ if I'm honest! I've decided that I will try and embrace the RP aspect of the server too. I've got a vague profile for Luhnah but nothing substantial yet.

I have also decided to go Blood spec. Tizzling, my Alli DK, is Unholy and I've often wondered what tanking's like etc. That said I'm not confident enough to Duel-Spec and start tanking so late in - rather I think I'd benefit by tanking from day 1 as such. On a side note, I get a bit erm overzealous when I'm on Tizz and often pull stupid amounts (thankfully I normally survive) so I'll have to be a bit more conscious of this when DK'ing Horde-side.

Reins of the Kor'kron Annihilator.
Note: No real-life human's were injured during questing or the writing of this post!


  1. I loved leveling in Pandaria as blood spec but I'm in the same boat as you - just a little bit too chicken to try tanking for the first time at 90! lol

    1. I keep getting told that I'd be better off leveling as Blood spec but I find it hard enough to remember what I'm doing as Unholy which I played since Tizz was 'born'. Hopefully I'll be able to master the basics of Blood and try out tanking but it really depends on my confidence.

  2. As long as you know your abilities as a blood DK, you will be perfectly fine. Lots of self healing and good mitigation abilities at your disposal!

    1. I've been told similar things before which is why it's the class that I'm willing to try tanking on first... tht said it could all go horribly wrong!

  3. You've gone to the dark side...! :D Enjoy!

  4. Ooh, welcome to the Horde! I'm interested to see how you like the Horde questlines - I've been pure Horde since MoP dropped so a short foray onto an old Alliance alt in Jade Forest was completely bewildering for me, so I'm curious if it'll be the same for you in reverse. :P

    Good luck trying out tanking, too! I think blood DK is one of the best put-together tank specs, especially in the way the difficulty of the class slowly increases.

    I don't mean it lures you in and then gets tricksy later on, I mean it sort of eases you into the role by letting you get used to holding threat, then adding in some more mitigation skills, then adding in mastery, then letting you get used to maximising your blood shields... The progression feels pretty natural and awesome. x)

    That said, mightwant to wait 'til 60 before tanking Ramparts instead of leaping in at 58. (Un)life without Death and Decay is a bit stressful. D:

    1. Thanks :) I'm really looking forward to seeing stuff from a different point of view. Though I will miss the earlier stuff, atleast until I level another. Plus I feel that people who only play one faction miss out on so much content & to a lesser extent don't get their moneys worth!
      I'm level 58 now so will probably wait til 60 before considering dungeons. I'm still getting used to have so few abilities. I really do miss Death & Decay and Death Siphon.
      I'm glad that so many people have reassured me that DK tankings fairly straightforward. Makes me think that I actually do stand a chance of making it happen. That said, if I fail at it I'll feel like a bit of a pleb!!