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Friday 31 May 2013

Breakfast Topic Thoughts: Could you step into your character's shoes? & Do you play WoW with a family member?

A two-in-one Breakfast Topic Thoughts today as I didn't finish my thoughts on yesterdays topics yesterday and I thought today's topic was worth a ponder to.

Yesterday's WoW Insider Breakfast Topic (asked by Lisa Poisso) is "Could you step into your character's shoes?". Lisa asks:
"Could you effectively step into your character's shoes in Azeroth? Like my mage, could you get the work done if you could find a non-combat position? Or do you play any characters whose jobs simply aren't a fit in any sense for the real you?".
I have a range of characters from an assortment of classes and with a variety of professions. I don't think any of them fit the real me perfectly. That said I've never really tried to make a character that's like me in every possible aspect - appearance, class and profs. Appearance wise I'm certainly a mix of my Gnome mage and Dwarf warlock.

I don't think I could step into a combat role. I'm really not the athletic type! Running around isn't my thing and nor is swinging swords and axes. My main is a hunter and when I was a guide I was quite a fan of archery & I wasn't that bad at it so I guess that's something that would stand in my favour of being a hunter. I guess I could cope as a caster such as a mage, warlock or druid.

As I'm into science I think I could do fairly well as a herbalist and/or alchemist like my mage. I'm no expert on terrestrial plants but it has to be said I'm not too shabby with seaweeds! Being a marine biologist I think the druid Glyph of the Orca would allow me to carry out my job a lot better (if I an get over the whole diving thing). So maybe I could be a mash-up of my mage and druid.


Today's WoW Insider Breakfast Topic (asked by Robin Torres) is "Do you play WoW with a family member?"

For starters it depends what you class as family. None of my blood relations play WoW, to be honest I think most of them would be quite baffled by the game concept alone let alone all the buttons etc.

I do however play with my boyfriend who is essentially family. Up until recently we were in the same guild and would do scenarios, dungeons and old raid runs (for pets) together. However, he left the guild a week or so ago and I haven't seen him in-game since. That's not to say that we won't continue to do the occassional thing together - primarily farming for raid pets.


  1. I think I could be Cat, I could stealth around avoiding conflict and as to appearance she's the closest, well in Druid form, lol.

    No relatives play since my son-in-law left to be a Jedi!

    1. Stealth would definately be handy in real-life! Ahh a Jedi - I keep thinking about playing TOR again for a bit.

  2. I could totally step into my warrior's shoes, Arithan @ Ner'zhul, or Aellin @ Ner'zhul. Both of my warriors represent different aspects of myself, sort of an Anima/Animus thing. Both are essential to my identity within WoW, and the fact that they are on opposing factions further demonstrates the dual nature of self.

    As for playing with family members, that would come back as a definitive yes. I have three sisters, two of which play on Ner'zhul: One who is a definitive raider and pet battler: Quidamtyra @ Ner'zhul. The other a casual player and fellow PvP enthusiast: Blytherden @ Ner'zhul. I enjoy playing with them both, and plan on continuing to do so, as long as I can.

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    Shameless, I say, SHAMELESS! :p

    1. I too am very split in terms of liking both the Alliance & the Horde. I find it hard to settle on either being the good guys and the other the baddies - it's so based on perspective.

      I think it would be really cool to play with my siblings but it's never going to happen as neither is particularly computer literate.

      No worries about the shameless plug - I appreciated the blunt honesty :P I've added you to my blog roll :D

    2. Glee! =^.^= My blog roll has been growing, recently. :p Playing both sides has one very interesting phenomenon to note: Both sides say they lose battlegrounds all the time. Third faction? Nope, aliens. 0_0

    3. I've only ever dabbled on the dark side but I work with some Hordies who have dabbled light-side & say the same

  3. I'm mostly my priest (nelf) (except for the purple hair), but I'm bits of all my chars. I'm my draenei mage because sometimes I'm convinced I'm from another planet. I'm my monk, because I'm into chi and martial arts (some) and I'm my warlock, because deep down every girl wants to be a hot blonde blood elf beeyatch :P

    1. You certainly put a lot of thought into the design of your characters to fit parts of you. I just create whatever I fancy. Haha I think there's something about BElfs that really does ooze bitchiness.