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Saturday 4 May 2013

BPTT: Children's Week

It's been a while since I did a Pet Battle Theme Team and what better an occasion to return with than Children's Week! For those of you that are taking part in this year's Children's Week world event Perculia's guide can be found here.

During Children's Week it's possible to get 10 companion/battle pets! Last night I managed to get my final one the Curious Wolvar Pup. This BPTT, unlike previous ones, I will not be using images of pets from warcraftpets.com as I possess all of the pets I'm talking about (for once). Plus after my recent discovery that my gnomeee can look super small beside enlarged pets I thought I'd have some more fun with Magical Pet Biscuits!

Egbert is a Bird from the Critter family of pets. He has a mostly Beast abilities (4/6) with a single Flying and Critter ability. A notable ability that Egbert has (and only shares with three other pets) is Feign Death which acts much like the hunter ability of the same name.
Peanut is from the Critter family and has a selection of Critter (2/6) and Beast abilities (4/6). Peanut has an enrage, Trumpet Strike, among his abilities which I think could be a really useful way of upping his damage. Note: the Wowhead tooltip says that damaged is increased by 0% which I think it an error - warcraftpets says 25% increase.
Legs is from the Magical pet family and one of my favourite looking pets in-game. 4/6 of Legs' abilities are Magic and the other 2 Aquatic. Legs has the Magical ability Surge of Power which it shares with only three other pets (which are all Dragonkin). I think Surge of Power is an interesting ability as it deals a lot of damage but following using it the pet must recharge and during this no actions can be performed!
Willy is from the Magical family of pets and has a unique model. Willy has a range of abilities from three families: 3 Magical, 1 Critter and 2 Undead. One of Willys Magic abilities is Interrupting Gaze which not only deals damage but also interrupts multi-round attacks.
The Curious Oracle Hatchling is a Humanoid pet and one that I have leveled to 25 already. He has 4 Humanoid moves, 1 Elemental and 1 Aquatic. When I'm using my Oracle I like using Backflip as much as I can. I think it's a combination of how the move looks and that it can interrupt your opponent (id you go first).
The Curious Wolvar Pup is from the Humanoid pet family. I have included two slightly different shots of mine as I found it quite amusing when he got bored of standing around and stretched and yawned! When I was looking through the Wolvars abilities, which comprises 3 Humanoid, 2 Beast and 1 Mechanical I was quite surprised that he has two unique abilities! These are Snap Trap and Frenzyheart Brew.
Whiskers is from the Critter family with 5 Critter abilities and a single Beast move. Being a rat Whiskers' model is pretty common with the exception of the unique white skin - as are his abilities. Despite this one ability did catch my eye - Comeback - which does additional damage "if the user has lower health than the target".
Mr Wiggles is a very awesome looking little pig from the Critter family and the only pig model available outside of China / Korea (where promotional versions are were available). He has 4 Critter abilities, 1 Undead and 1 Beast. All of the pig models share the ability Uncanny Luck.
Whilst Speedy is from the Aquatic pet family he has only 2 Aquatic abilities along with 3 Beast and 1 Critter. Speedy doesn't have a particularly unique model or set of abilities (with 4 other pets have identical abilities) sadly. Nonetheless, he does possess two abilities that I really like - Healing Wave and Powerball.
Scooter the Snail is from the Critter pet family and has quite a varied set of abilities - 1 Magical, 1 Undead, 2 Beast, 1 Critter and 1 Aquatic. Scooters model isn't particularly unique and nor are his abilities. His Undead ability Absorb is one that I particularly like as it heals him for 100% of the damage dealt (I use it with my Disgusting Oozeling).

With there being 10 possible pets to make a team from it's quite tricky. Simply based on those that I want to level the most I would [and hopefully will be] making a team from Legs, Curious Wolvar Pup and Mr. Wiggles.

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