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Saturday 11 May 2013

Running into a brick wall!

I'm sure I'm not the only person who sometimes feels like their running into a brick wall - whether that is in the real world or in Azeroth. Having said that I've always been determined to never allow WoW to make me feel like this - as far as I'm concerned WoW is a game and something that I enjoy and it shouldn't be a chore etc. The same feeling extends towards this blog. Anyway, you'll (hopefully) be relieved to know that I'm not writing this as a way of saying I'm giving up either. Rather in the last week I have expereinced hitting that Azerothian brick wall head on and fortunately wasn't permanently injured!

There are some nice walls in Azeroth - Shrine of the Seven Stars, Panndaria.
Thursday I'd had a pretty long and not particularly successful day at work. I guess you could say I had hit a fence already that day. So, when I logged onto WoW I was immediately invited to a group with no prior warning and some very limited greeting (the odd couple of hellos). In the past I do know of other guild members who have got a little riled by the immediate invitations to something that you're unaware of and are virtually forced to accept to know what's going on. Anyway, I accepted - probably my first mistake. It seemed that some people were running old raids (I thought) but first they were in Firelands farming for some gear. In the mean time I just pottered about mining, pet battling etc. 

And then the summons came. Apparently we were going to 'BoT' which it turns out is The Bastion of Twilight - a Cataclysm raid. I had no idea that it was a Cata raid or I can safely say I wouldn't have bothered! I, stupidly, trusted a guildie who said it would be fairly easy and we didn't need to know tactics - second mistake. There was six of us, all level 90 - including one healer and two tank/damage. Now, I am in no way saying it was anyone in particular's fault -  I don't blame the healer for not being able to cope or anyone else. But we wiped about 4 times simply through not knowing what we were doing - so, we did need to know tactics! I then learnt that it was a Cata raid, that gigantic brick wall appeared and I smashed into it. (I left thr group).

The Mage Quarter, Stormwind.
I guess I felt like I had been lied to. Maybe I simply misunderstood, but I had not expected us to be doing an old Cata raid with 6 people (not even enough to get the achievs) in an impromptu manner with no tactical knowledge etc. I'm someone who likes to be organised - events on the in-game calendar should be up atleast a couple of days in advance so that people have time to prepare and hopefully avoid the issues that we suffered on Thursday. Some people might say that I should have taken some time to read up on the tactics anyway - and to be honest I probably should have. I am not a raider so I generally don't know any raid tactics (either current or old content) but if I ever were to raid I would pride myself on being organised and knowledgeable of the encounters which brings me to an slightly different guild-related issue that I will be writing about later in the week.
I realise this is the first time I've written a post like this - I guess you could say it's a guild-related rant. But it feels good to get these things off ones chest.

Rant over!


  1. I think its easy to say sometimes "hey we're 90 we can smash through this" but often needing to know mechanics is important. Sorry you had a bad night, sounds like you needed some down time and didn't get it :(. Hope your day is going better today.

    1. I totally agree - people get too cocky sometimes. This weekend has been much better thanks! I think I was fortunate that I could get myself out of the situation really/