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Tuesday 21 May 2013

Breakfast Topic Thoughts: Do You WoW-Craft?

On Sunday (yes, I'm a little behind) WoW Insider's Breakfast Topic by Elizabeth Harper was "Do you WoW-Craft?". Personally I do quite enjoy crafty stuff but it's finding the time to get it done that causes me issues. A few of my work colleagues are also ino crafty stuff and we attempt to have weekly craft nights (aka Crochet Club). However, as I struggle with crochet I have been cross stitching instead. I am currently working on my first WoW-Craft and whilst it's a work in progress I am really happy with it. Hopefully it will be finished fairly soon and then I need to decide what exactly to do with it!

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:


  1. Hi JoJo,
    wow! very nice! makes me want to take up cross-stitching again. (yes, I did it a long time ago and yes I am guy). Nice. Did you make a pattern by any chance or is it all by sight?

    stay frosty...

    1. Hi Roo! Thanks & there's nothing wrong with guys cross stitching or being crafty in any way! Yeah I made a pattern - I managed to find a piece of software that's basically a grid and you colour each stitch in. Would you like to see my pattern? If so drop me an email :)