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Sunday 6 October 2013

Alt Appreciation: #PriestWeek

This past week was #PriestWeek - the part of Alt Appreciation I was least looking forward to... but perhaps I was wrong!

Casting Smite.

You see, I rolled a priest long ago when I was relatively new to the game. I think she was the third character I made. She was a human named Darsah. It's safe to say me and Darsah didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things. If memory serves she got to around level 20 before being dumped in Stormwind as my unofficial auctioning character. I even nicknamed her the 'B#&%h' and used to refer to her as this rather than her name. In the end I deleted her as I knew I'd never play her again. Sadly, I couldnt find any screenshots of her.

Ever since poor unfortunate Darsahs deleting I've always had this disliking for priests. That is until Ferleno!

NElfs always seem to be
leaning one way or the other!
 Being a good sport I rolled a new priest. over on Ghostlands realm. I rolled her there and not on my home server (of Dragonblight) as I thought I'd not like her and end up leaving her behind. Turns out I was wrong. Yes, she's only level 8 but I'm really enjoying it - so far. I think as a player I have grown and I know a hell of a lot more now than I did back in Darsah's day! I've also rolled and played more classes since then and have got a feel for ranged and melee classes, those with pets and those without etc. I'm hoping that I will continue to get along with Ferleno and that she may one day become a reguarly played char (albeit on a different server).


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of priests! I hope you'll keep having lots of fun on Ferleno in the future. :)

    1. Thanks! I hopeI continue having fun playing a priest too - it's nice to have my opinion of them completely changed :) there's also such a massive priest community out there which is cool.

  2. I've always enjoyed playing as a priest. The shaman is my favorite for dps but as a healer its tons of fun to smite heal and occasionally out dps a bad rogue or hunter :-D

    1. I've got her to level 14 now and ended up choosing shadow as her spec. I was a bit to scared to jump straight into healing but I'd certainly like to try it.