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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Alt Appreciation #RogueWeek

Last week was #RogueWeek as part of Alt Appreciation. I'm a bit late posting this as I've started my secondment now so been pretty busy.

I've had a Worgen rogue sat at the bottom of my character roster waiting to be played for some time. Initially I made her simply to hold the name Shaggywolfy but with the advent of Alt Appreciation and #RogueWeek decided I'd keep her as she as and play her. After all a rogue would be handy for lockpicking.

Prior to last week I'd only ever quested through the worgen starting area once so it was good to go back and take a second look. There was lots of quirky things I had either forgotten about or hadn't noticed the forst time around. This resulted in a LOT of screenshots.

Nap time...

A lovely spot for a wedding!
In the end I got shaggywolfy to level 8. I had hoped to reach 10 but I ran out of time, got distracted and kinda forgot about her. But I will be continuing to level her - some day!


  1. I love the Worgen starting area <3 Looks so amazing :)

    1. Yeah it does and I find it really interesting too :)