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Sunday 6 October 2013

Dress Up! #dressFisher & #dressPunk

Last week I missed the #dressFisher theme so this week we have a double-whammy!! I've also cheated and used MogIt as I didn't have the time to go gear hunting, sorry.

My normal fishing attire.
My #dressFisher 'mog is inspired by Guy Cotten oilskins and waterproof clothing. If you've watched any fishing related programmes or been to working ports/harbours then you might be familiar with it's bright yellow colouration.

Head - Lucky Fishing Hat
Shoulders - Replica Virtuous Mantle
Back - Webwing Cloak
Chest - Greater Adepts Robe
Wrists - N/A
Hands - Heavy Linen Gloves
Belt - N/A
Legs - N/A
Feet - N/A

Bone Fishing Pole

For #dressPunk I was a little less sure about what to do. In the end I opted for the tartan style punk look with the closest I could get to Dr Martens shoes. Personally I'm a massive fan of DMs and own several pairs including some heels and boots with glow-in-the-dark skeleton/bone print on.

Head - N/A
Shoulders - Bloodcursed Shoulderpads
Back - Sunshower Light Cloak
Chest - Windchannellers Tunic
Wrists - N/A
Hands - Shadoweave Gloves
Belt - N/A
Legs - Darkweeve Breeches / Simple Kilt
Feet - Veterans Mooncloth Slippers

Wand of the Netherwing


  1. There's something about those shoulders that gives it a "batcave goth" vibe. I like it! :)

    1. I saw them, they sort-of matched the blue of the kilt and I knew I had to fit them in! Ta.