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Sunday 13 October 2013

To Sell or Not To Sell...

With Patch 5.4 came some aweome new engineering schematics that I couldn't wait to get, well learn. I was lucky to get these schematics on the first day and have since been crafting my daily Jard's Peculia Energy Source. Yes, I've missed a few days here and there which has meant I'm approx. 4 days behind. Today I crafted my 30th which can mean only one thing...

I made the initial decision to craft the Sky Golem long ago. Not only is the mount something I think is very unique and cool but I saw it as a possible means of making money. Back then, you see, the two pets Pierre and Rascal-Bot were not sellable. Since then things have changed but I decided to stick with ym 30 day grind towards the mount.

On Thursday the first Sky Golems were being crafted. Wednesday evening in /1 (Trade chat) people were already trying to sell them at 3am reset. Thursday morning I went to check out the AH and look at the prices. The cheapest Sky Golem was selling for around 82K*.

But what are they really worth? Well this is a tricky question as the economy varies between realms. Nonetheless here is how they fair on my server, Dragonblight (EU) Alliance side.

To craft the Sky Golem you require 30 x Jard's (10 x Ghost Iron Bars per Jard) and 30 x Living Steel.

For each Jard you require 10 GI Bars or alternatively 20 GI Ore.
GI Bar                   ~130g per 20*                                 15 stacks @ 1,950g
GI Ore                   ~70g per 20 (equals 1 bar)*            30 stacks @ 2,100g

For ease I will be looking simply at the price of Living Steel off the AH and not the cost of transmuting them (as I have done).
Living Steel               ~550g per bar*                                 30 @ 16,500g

Cheapest way to produce is therefore buying the bars giving a total manufacturing cost of 18,450g.
Of course in reality you can farm your own Ghost Iron Ore and smelt it into bars and similarly transmute the Living Steel.

The person selling their Sky Golem for 82k is therefore looking at making a staggering ~63,550g profit (assuming it sells). Now I'm looking at this thinking 'really??' as it just seems absolutely mental to me! Yes, it's hard to put a price on logging in everyday for 30 days to craft the Jard's but this person must really value themselves!!

As I mentioned above I had considered using the Sky Golem that I produced as a money maker. I was thinking about sticking it on the AH - if it sells then I've made a profit, if not then that's no loss as I've got a mount I really wanted. Having seen the extorsionate amount of profit some people are trying to make I've decided to indeed attempt to sell my first Sky Golem.

Having just crafted my Sky Golem I went to check out the AH prices for the component structures. Living Steel and GI Bars are at the same price, whilst GI Ore has dropped slightly to ~50g per 20. The Sky Golems themselves are now at aroun 65K which is still a nice little profit. I have placed mine on the AH at 62,500g (buyout) with an even lower starting bid price and will just wait and see.

* Pricest correct on Thursday 10th October 2013.

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