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Sunday 17 November 2013

Alt Appreciation: #WarriorWeek & Concluding Thoughts

I know I'm about two weeks behind with this post but I got bogged down with work, then it was BlizzCon and I forgot all about Alt Appreciation.

Now #WarriorWeek never really happened for me. I played a warrior once, a while back and I wasn't that big a fan. She was an Orc and my plan was to try out battlegrounds (properly) with her. I'm not sure if it was the class or battlegrounds that made the experience a horrendous one! It did teach me one thing though - pvp makes me quite angry!
I though I'd finish Alt Appreciation off with some concluding thoughts. Overall I really enjoyed it! So thank you to Laeleiweyn for coming up with such an awesome idea. It was good to play some classes that I've either never played or haven't tried in a very long time. I think the most interesting part for me was playing a priest again and discovering liking the class more than I had previously. I think in the future I will try to do my own mini alt appreciations more often.


  1. I think I've said it before, but it's worth repeating: Every week is Alt Appreciation Week. I'm sorry that the warrior experience didn't work out for you back then, however your free level 90 could use a little warrior love. A lot has changed with warriors in Pandaria, so it might be time to revisit them.

    BlizzCon threw a lot at everyone, so don't knock yourself for not participating. I have been late on a slew of posts.

    And most importantly, Laeleiweyn did wonders for players who haven't experienced their alts in a long time, just like with you and your priest. I'm glad we all got to experience a few months of good vibes and expand our character repertoire. :p

    1. Yeah the free boost to 90 is certainly an option. I think one day I'll dry out a warrior again just not sure when that day will be.
      I was totally thrown by BlizzCon and now I'm working full time its pretty hectic. I don't get how people work, have kids & blog - I'm guessing the ability to multi-task will come with time & experience (I hope).
      Haha yeah - for me it was the shove in the back I needed to try new classes out. It was also really interesting seeing true altoholics at work and all their characters.