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Friday 22 November 2013

Every [Leatherworking] Cloud has a [Fur] Lining

I've recently been on a binge trying to level my druid Tertami and it's been paying off as she is now level 78. I have, however, hit several brick walls along the way when to comes to her professions - Leatherworking and Skinning. I've spoken about this a few times before (see here and here).

Anyway, having made some real leveling progress I decided to work a little on the professions side of things. Her skinning was about right but as always the LW was behind. That was until I managed to find a sneaky little thing... embossments of fur linings.

There's four in-game (I think):

I happen to have used the intellect one as it was the most appropriate.

Each embossment costs 1 x Eternium Thread which you can purchase from a vendor for 3g a piece. So it's not exactly cheap but it is effective! I managed to go from a skill of 404 to 425 before it went from orange to yellow.

I was really chuffed with this little trick and thought I'd share it with you as I know I'm not the only person who finds leveling LW a massive pain!

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