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Wednesday 30 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 10

I'm now half way through Nev's 20 Days of Gold Making now and todays question is:

Do you farm materials? Why? Why not? & Which ones? Where?

I have farmed certain materials and will no doubt continue to do so. The truth is that I don't like to spend my gold on items that I could get for myself. I'd rather fly around Outlands mining Fel Iron Ore than give someone I don't gold for doing exactly that.

I guess I've farmed most materials atleast once in order to level a profession. To be honest, I've probably farmed quite a lot of materials just for the hell of it.

Mining Ore
Ore is something that I continually farm - every (well 99% of) node I run, walk or fly past I mine. My hunter (main) is a miner/jewelcrafter - both maxed. I don't need to mine the nodes for a skill up or the experience but I still do it. I guess it's the hoarder in me that insists I must virtually collect the ore. My DK is also a miner (with engineering) but she's currently on vacation in Halfhill living the good life farming vegetables - which brings me onto my next sub-section...

Cooking Materials
Cooking is something that I enjoy both in-real-life and in-game. In-game my hunter has max-level cooking - even before I had MoP. I took full advantage of the free 10-day trials available on not one but two occassions. I used this opportunity to max out my cooking and to farm some cooking materials. I started my farm at Halfhill and got growing veg. Now this more traditional-style farming in combination with fishing (something I also enjoy in-game) earned me a fair bit of gold.

Herbs & Leather
I've farmed both herbs and leather atleast once when leveling a subsequent profession (i.e. alchemy and leatherworking). However, I've not farmed them to the extent that I have mined ore or been fishing.
I pick herbs (on my maggie) in the same way that I mine ore on my hunter - if I see it I pick it. This means that I normally have enough herbs to do my alchemy with little or no need to do additional farming.
Skinning is a different matter! My druid, who still needs some loving and to be leveled, is a skinner/leatherworker. I think in part these professions are one of the reason she rarely played. I'm too stubborn to give up on them but I find them such a pain! I never have enough leather to craft items - no matter how many animals I've skinned. Periodic skinning sessions are the only way I seem to get enough grr.

Well I've farmed for various items in various places. I tend to use wow-professions.com as my guide when I'm farming items. However, their guides sometimes miss out certain ores/herbs/etc. and in those cases I use wowhead to find where they exist/grow.

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